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Having fun on my Rank 20 Smurf, SWF

CalVv1nCalVv1n Member Posts: 11

Watch this video of me screwing around on my 2nd Account

Okay now I know what you're thinking...

'This [BAD WORD] is using an alternate account to make the game easier"

But actually, I only used my 2nd account (NotCalVv1n) to actually find games, because when i'm playing at 11PM with my rank 15 homies and I'm a Rank 3, the matchmaking has an aneurysm and takes us an hour to find game. Plus once we finally do find one it is 200-300+ ping.

Now instead of suffering the long queue times, I decided to mess around at a low rank on a seperate account instead of deranking... Now sit back... grab your closest can of Diet mist twist, and enjoy the 21 minute experience


  • KrazyAce13KrazyAce13 Member Posts: 95
    edited June 11

    Why is this guy still playing he’s blatantly admitting to smurfing. Granted isn’t depipping but I feel teaming with rank 15s as a rank 3 is just as bad especially if the 15 is the swf host. This is just as game breaking and a detriment to the game as deranking. This happens soo much on console especially ps4 with the psn communities. It’s to the point I don’t even want to be in green ranks because of it. And to find games is the most common excuse smurfs give so they don’t get banned. You are ruining the game for the lower rank/casual players. You clearly have gotten enough games to get to rank 3 I think you’re just queuing with people you meet on forums lfg intentionally to get in lower rank games. you're rank 15 homies you mean you know no one at all at your rank...

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