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Design | Survivor Pipping Thresholds

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People of the Fog, 

As part of the 2.6.0 update, we made some changes to the emblem system to have a player's rank more accurately reflect their skill level. This was done by setting unique pipping thresholds for each rank range that gradually become more demanding as you climb up the ranks. 

While these changes did have the intended outcome, the new pipping thresholds proved to be too demanding on the Survivor side. As a result, not as many Survivors are reaching the higher ranks as we had originally anticipated, making it difficult for green-red ranked killers to find a match. 



In our next update, the number of points needed for Survivors to reach both the +1 and +2 pip thresholds is reduced by one. Killer pip thresholds remain unchanged for now. 

The new Survivor pipping thresholds are as follows: 

RANK 17-20 (BROWN) 



RANK 13-16 (YELLOW) 



RANK 9-12 (GREEN) 

0-6 points = -1 pip; 

7-9 points = 0 pips; 

10-13 points = +1 pip; 

14-16 points = +2 pips. 



0-7 points = -1 pip; 

8-10 points = 0 pips; 

11-13 points = +1 pip; 

14-16 points = +2 pips. 


RANK 1-4 (RED) 

0-8 points = -1 pip; 

9-11 points = 0 pips; 

12-14 points = +1 pip; 

15-16 points = +2 pips. 



 According to the data collected over the past few weeks, these changes ensure a more even distribution of Survivors and Killers in the green-red rank range, which make it easier for high ranked players to find a match. We will continue to closely monitor the changes to the pipping system going forwards.  

See you in The Fog, 

The Dead by Daylight Team 

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