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Losing Rank When Killer Rage Quits

mike4156mike4156 Member Posts: 2

I think this is a major flaw in the games ranking system, no one should lose rank because the killer quits. give us a damn safety pip especially if i do 3 generators and unhook someone how is that not atleast safety anyway? all I can say is oh my god with this nonsense!


  • deathsiadeathsia Member Posts: 242

    A good killer only ragequits when the survivors are being toxic as hell.(aka:bullying them)

    so if your above rank 14 then odds are you or your teammates are being toxic to the killer.

  • ElisabethofhabsburgElisabethofhabsburg Member Posts: 7

    Killers usually DC when they are not able to find anyone to catch or kill. I do not get the idea of players being toxic when there is not even a voice chat in the game. It happens quite consistently these days that if survivors are just good and survive a killer will DC as he is not able to catch anyone. Has happened multiple times. Killer gets 0 hits and then rage quits.

    Is it that:

    A good player who can stay hidden and avoid the killer = toxic?

    Killer rage quitting has nothing to do with player toxicity.

    Of course, if someone would be annoying a killer purposely - then he would be taking a risk to end up on the hook. Survivors are not so overpowered that some kind of toxic bullying would be possible against the killers.

  • ElisabethofhabsburgElisabethofhabsburg Member Posts: 7
    edited April 15

    Killers usually DC according to my experience when they are not able to find anyone to catch or kill. I do not get the idea of players being toxic when there is not even a voice/text chat in the game. It happens quite consistently these days that if survivors are just good and survive - the killers disconnects as he is not able to get any kills and is not able to down anyone.

    Survivors play well/know how to use flashlight or are stealthy = toxic?

    yes, there can be looping and as a killer I have hunted down survivors who have looped me like forever, but is that really toxic? I do not think so. They are just trying to waste my time in order to increase their team's survivability by distracting the killer while others hopefully turn generators on. Looping can be annoying to killers, but it is a talent itself. Not all survivors can loop well. If you do not love looping etc. just go after another survivor who does not know how to loop as well. That is what I do when I do not feel like hunting down a specific player.

  • GraviteaUKGraviteaUK Member Posts: 461

    Depends on the killer to be honest not to mention the map.

    Sure you will get your share of salty killers that will DC regardless but that's not always the case.

    You will notice you get more DC's depending on what map and killer combo you are facing.

    If you get Rancid Abattoir as anyone except Nurse the killer may as well DC.

    The a survivor takes a hit they will run for the Abattoir Window loop which on anyone except Nurse is a guaranteed escape or at very least wastes plenty of the killers time.

    Haddonfield? enjoy those lovely BL infinite loops in the houses.

    That's not being good or skilful that's just consistent use of broken issues BVHR refuse to fix.

  • RoKruegerRoKrueger Member Posts: 1,008

    If the killer goes down, you go down with them ;-)

  • deathsiadeathsia Member Posts: 242

    damn straight. Survivors don't deserve to escape if they're being toxic little asshats.

  • DemonentedDemonented Member Posts: 24
    edited April 15

    So we aren't even going to talk about bigger issue in the same sense. Killer dcing is an issue but at the same time, survivors do the same but in every game. As a killer, there has not been one game that a survivor/survivors don't DC. The big solution to both of these problems is timeout period that most other games implement. If killer or survivor DC in live match, they should be punished with at least 30 minute time out where they can not seek another match. We would see more often that DC'ers would just play out the game and learn to be better. And possibly realize that the match could play out well in the end. Streamers are guilty of this as well and would not risk being less entertaining by the timeout period and possibly lose viewers.

    And just to say it, I do not think that this is a recent issue, it has been a problem ever since release. Nor do I think I would be the first to present this solution. This has and will have to have the dev's attention in order to be resolved.

  • NicholasNicholas Member Posts: 116

    The issue is a Survivor DC doesn't end the match and deprive everyone of any BPs gain or possible safety Pips. I have stayed in matches where one DC and can still safety Pip as Killer (depends on rank). However if a Killer DCs, you lose a Pip. It's considered disruptive to the experience when players are deranked in this way. And the fact that players will move to lower ranks simply due to DCs. We want players in the right rank, not a 1 survivor in rank 10 due to DCs.

  • ReikoMoriReikoMori Member Posts: 1,102

    it does, but it just requires 4 dcs to stop the game. You force the killer to derank if at least 2 people dc without ever engaging with the killer. The points for the last two will at the very most safety a killer, but not much more than that.

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