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DBD Killer's Guide to Survivor Rules

DreadlokDreadlok Member Posts: 4

Since the launch of the game, there has been an unspoken rule book that survivors expect all killers to play by. This is to help new killers (and old ones that still haven't learned) some of the major points of the rules.

The Hex Totem Rule

At the start of the trial, be sure to allow survivors enough time to find any hex totems you have and remove them from the map. Never camp them, and never defend them. The survivors need the points from cleansing them, and they need to have nothing slowing the progress of their generator repairs.

The Tunneling Rule

After all totems have been cleansed (see Hex Totem Rule), allow survivors to work on generators. If you come across one, do not chase them. Chasing them is an act of tunneling, and is forbidden. If for some reason, you have caught and downed a survivor, do not leave them down (see The Slugging Rule). Place them on a hook and immediately run to the other side of the map (see The Camping Rule). This allows the survivors to safely unhook and heal the injured survivor. Never chase the survivor that was unhooked because that violates this rule also. Allow ample time for the heal and for them to return to repairing generators.

The Camping Rule

If for some reason, you have ignored the Tunneling Rule and/or the Hex Totem Rule, and have caught and hooked a survivor, leave the hook immediately. Never stay close enough for the survivors to hear the terror radius (aka heart beat). Never stay within eye shot of the hooked survivor either. If you can see them, it is still considered camping. The general rule is go to the opposite side of the map immediately. This rule also applies to Hex Totems (see the Hex Totem Rule). How dare you use a Hex Totem anyways! Shame!

The Slugging Rule

If for some reason, you have ignored the Tunneling Rule, do not leave any survivors you have injured on the ground. Not even to look for any other survivors. This is a no-no and is in direct violation of this rule. And never down more than 1 or 2 survivors (or all 4 for that matter).

The Perk Rule

Perks are part of the game. But you should never use any perk that gives you the slightest advantage over the survivors. Perks such as Hex-Ruin or Hex-NOED are frowned upon greatly. Franklin's Demise is also another dastardly perk that you should avoid. A survivor's item is a precious thing and this perk with damage it. Any perk that greatly increases your chances of sacrificing a survivor should be avoided. Also included in this rule is an Add On or Offering that will also increase your advantage (examples are Judith's Tombstone, Ebony Mori or Iridescent Hatchets).

The Disconnect Rule

If for some reason, the game has booted a survivor from the trial (or an upset survivor has left), you are still to follow all the rules in this guide. Ignoring the rules is forbidden, because it isn't fair for the killer to face 1-3 less survivors and play the game as intended.

The Hatch Rule

When all the survivors have complete all the generators (or, if you ignored every rule in this guide and only 1 survivor is left) and the gates are powered, the last person is permitted to find and use the escape hatch. Never are you to impede their chance of doing so.

Once you have learned and follow the rules, you will never have to deal with an upset survivor ever again. They will all want to be your friend and the game will go much smoother. But don't plan to progress much yourself. These rules will hinder your chances to acquire bloodpoints. But thats ok, you follow the rules.


  • BatsyBatsy Member Posts: 10

    Going to say this is my opinion, so please don't get offended, we are on all different consoles and how things should be done.

    I am a survivor main, and fairly rarely even play killer. I understand the hex totem rule very clearly but, it should be up to how they want to play when it comes to a hex. By all rights they are able to protect their totem and thats their choice. Survivors then have to create a diversion or at least find a way around to get the hex or just play along with it (yes I know it's the worst). It is possible! Noed is definitely the worst of all when you can't find the blimming thing in the map while the killer is camping a hooked survivor. Hag needs to use her traps to protect her hex totem whether it be hex ruin or devoured hope. Survivors risk their time to get a hex totem if all 4 survivors go to find the hatch and the killer sees them all, thats is the survivors fault.

    The tunneling rule... Correct me if I am wrong "After all totems have been cleansed (see Hex Totem Rule), allow survivors to work on generators. If you come across one, do not chase them. Chasing them is an act of tunneling, and is forbidden." That makes me think that the killer should be letting the survivors live... Thats not the whole point of it. My definition of Tunneling is that the killer follows the survivor in a chase after once they've been unhooked. That is tunneling for me. To say that a killer is chasing a survivor when they find them on a hook is tunneling is wrong, cause how else is the killer suppose to win the game? Yes, it's better for the killer to hook a survivor and go to the opposite side of the map, but if a survivor unhooks the survivor straight off the bat just as the killer radius is disappearing, it would be the unhooking survivors fault cause they just farmed their team mate :/ . Unless if there is a explanation of the killer camping the survivor, just don't unhook them unless u got borrowed time....

    Slugging will always happen if you have a leather face or a myers, and it will happen if they go to the basement if your not careful. In other instance if a killer sees another survivor just as they are downing another survivor by all rights they can chase the survivor 🤷 and leave the other be, u as a survivor gotta go save them don't ya ? Be smart on how you do it tho, usually the killer will pick up the other survivor either way.

    "But you should never use any perk that gives you the slightest advantage over the survivors." Thats really unfair on the killer, but to not allow them to use it is really unfair on how they want to play. It's like saying a survivor can't use dead hard to miss an attack they have or borrowed time because it ruins the chance of the killer downing the survivor just as they are leaving the gates, or perhaps survivors body blocking their team mates just as they are all leaving the gates?

    Ah yes good old camping! If you do it to anyone and everyone, you will be hated against every single time you do it. You ruin the fun in the whole entire game. I have never been able to make it past rank 8 because the fact that 75% of the killers in that rank level face camps you or camps you. To even hide in a location and have the perk where it gets rid of your terror radius makes you and even worst person. I'm fine when it's a totem but a survivor or myself makes it really difficult, hence why I carry borrowed time to every single match I play because of the amount of killers that tunnel and face camp.

    Disconnect rule, just don't be the worst person, it would be nice if you like let 1 generate get done so that it is then like a normal round (close to what an actual 3v1).

    Hatch! Okay, it's unfair for you to block the entrance for the survivor, so please in the lord of Dead by Daylight, don't be a prick with that. Other than that it's up to the both of you to trick each other. If your a clown, leather face, trapper or/and myers don't set traps that doesn't allow survivors to escape. The only other thing is if you see a killer is sitting on the hatch just do another generator cause they too fussed up to protect the hatch just do a generator :/

    Other than that, I am a PS4 player so I deal with a lot of bad connections (where I live doesn't help the situation), camping, tunneling, NOED mainly. Leather face is my least favourite cause if he gets you in the basement your screwed basically :/ Remember this is my opinion, you can have a say but don't say rude things towards me. The only rules I know of for survivor is no camping survivors straight off the bat even if they did nothing wrong, tunneling is looked down upon and just being a pain in general.

    PS4 really is bad for DbD

  • wydyadoitwydyadoit Member Posts: 27

    the "rules" are a satire about the stereotypical insults that survivors throw at killers when they lose or die in a match. they're not meant to be taken seriously

    in fact - every "rule" is exactly the opposite of what should be done.

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