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New gamemode idea: Endurance mode

yeetyeet Member Posts: 1,704

I just had this idea and would like to see what people think of the concept.

It would be 1 killer VS 4 survivors, as per usual, however the goal would be slightly different.

the survivors would have a significantly increased number of chances on the hook, say 10, as well as a significantly increased hook timer to heavily discourage camping.

however when all 5 generators are completed and the survivors leave, the gates would not take them out of the game, but instead would take you to a new map, where the trial can continue.

bloodpoints and shards could be rewarded based on how long the survivors are able to survive, and the same rewarded to killers based on how consistently they're able to hook survivors.

this would of course need significant tweaking, but that is the general gist of my idea, tell me what you think.


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