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Critiquing my gameplay

DrVonKrummDrVonKrumm Member Posts: 39

Hi all, I’ve been playing DBD for about 9 months now and while I have made considerable improvements from my newbie days I am by no means a master of this game, however I want to improve. So i’m taking an opportunity to make some YouTube videos for a channel that my friends and I started a while back where I talk through some samples of my gameplay and try to pinpoint what I did and didn’t do well.

I’ve only just put up the first video but I’m looking to get one uploaded as close to a weekly basis as I can manage. My goal is to not only improve my own gameplay but to hopefully showcase some things that newer players than myself may not know as well as seeking advice from veteran players who may be interested to help. I’ll leave the link below and thank anyone in advance for watching / commenting and all that stuff.



  • PeasantPeasant Member Posts: 3,200


    Okay, here is some feedback for your survivor gameplay, at the least the perk aspect.

    First off, don't use Detective's Hunch, ever. The perk only activates after YOU finish a generator an event that will likely only be done 2-3 times per game. So aside from the 10-15 seconds of auras you'll see across the entire trial the perk's cost (an entire perk slot) outweighs the limited benefits it has.

    Second, Tenacity is not really a good perk choice either. Tenacity only applies when you are in the dying state and therefore, dying. Furthermore, most killers won't leave you on the ground which means you'll never get a chance to really use the perk. If you MUST have a perk to use in the dying state I'd strongly recommend Unbreakable as it helps you recover much faster and let's you get up once by yourself.

    Third, Stake Out is really not that great. Granted, it has it's uses, but rather than use an entire perk slot on getting 4 great skillchecks I'd say just practice on hitting great skillchecks instead. You're better off grabbing Technician just to silence mistakes while you learn. Once you feel comfortable you can swap it out for another perk.

    Alert is actually a good perk so no complaints there.

    What perks should you grab then?

    Spine Chill and Bond if you want stealth.

    Balanced Landing and Lightweight if you want to be loud.

    I'll work on getting you more feedback later.

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