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- 2+ killers in a match exploit: Abusing bugs to join a public match a second killer
- Legion mend time exploit: Abusing a bug with Filthy Blade and Nasty Blade add-ons to greatly extend mending time

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The originals

Soulslayer618Soulslayer618 Member Posts: 42

In this trailer we see 2-3 (dont know about the one on the hook) survivors that are not in the game

do we have any information on them? will they make an appearance?

@Detective_Jonathan you're the biggest Lore expert Ive seen so do you know anything?


Best Answer

  • Detective_JonathanDetective_Jonathan Posts: 1,025
    Accepted Answer

    @Soulslayer618 Let me see if i can crack this one.

    While the devs have stated that these were the placeholder survivors for the original 4 we have, i think it's something else.

    In the realm of The Entity there are many realms, and in each realm is filled with the people that it kidnapped and forced to play its game. I speculate that these survivors are just 3 of the many more people trapped in the realm, which is why we later are introduced to the characters we follow now when the devs implemented the new intro to the game.

    Basically meaning, there are many sub-realms, and in each sub-realm, contains multiple survivors, just like what we have now.

    Hope this helps.


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