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Avoiding Cruel Players

Martin3z_Th3_Wis3Martin3z_Th3_Wis3 Member Posts: 1

I have a confession to make, Ive been playing this game since it first released on Xbox two years ago. I reached rank 1 upon the Nightmare on Elm street release. That being said, I have one question I would appreciate the developers to respond and take seriously about. Can there be options to avoid a specific player on this game? I can’t play as much because there are a lot of players who carry a grudge towards me for unknown reasons. I don’t know these people, I just end up the victim of being tunneled and face camped. I find myself using mettle of man, decisive strike, and dead hard to last until the gates are powered but I can only stall for so long when the killers all ignore other survivors to go after only me. It’s frustrating, stressful, and honestly it’s bullying. I just want to avoid these players but lack the ability to do so. I report them and block them but there’s no result. I just want to enjoy the game I’ve put so much time to, I can only play killer because there I have control over who I play with. As survivor I’m unable to play without two friends at the least and only in the mornings when those killers who recognize me aren’t on... sometimes. It’s very upsetting and sometimes I feel I’m being punished just for liking this game. Is there any plan to fix these kind of issues because I can assure you I am not alone, finding a way to avoid certain players would probably help lower the toxicity of certain players that bring it into the community. I just want to enjoy the game the way it’s meant to be, instead of being targeted the way it allows players to do.

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