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Best Billy perks and add ons

KnucklesKnuckles Member Posts: 51

Anybody have any suggestions on these? I'm fairly new to this killer. Thanks in advance.

Best Answers

  • RSBRSB Posts: 2,259
    Accepted Answer

    Ruin/Bamboozle, BBQ, Enduring and Spirit Fury, combine it with the addons that give you fastest charge speed, or one for steering and second for charging speed.

    This is quite good tutorial for Billy. Mind, that there was no Spirit Fury and Bamboozle, becuase it didn't exist.

  • GrandkuramaGrandkurama Posts: 127
    Accepted Answer

    For addons, I think the best are those who decrease the time for charging the chainsaw (spark plug and primer bulb), the ones who allow to drift more (spiked boots and Thompson Moonshine), then the long guide bar who increase the hitboxes and carburettur tuning guide who optimize a few things. NEVER USE SPEED LIMITER IF YOU WANT TO WIN

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