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Fixes to infinite load screens on console

Hey people of the fog

After a couple of discussions amongst friends there is 1 question that gives a mixed answer will dedicated servers fix the issue in the infinite load screen bug as i have mentioned before i cannot play killer at the moment at all thanks to this bug and havent been able to for months together we tried various ways to try to fix this uninstalling then reinstalling,clearing system cashe, even left dlc uninstalled to see if that helped in the end nothing has worked the only time i have been able to play killer is swapping my Internet source wether its a neighbours or at my sisters...

I sent a ticket in explaining circumstances and recieved a message saying it was fixed its not i still have the exact same problem occur everytime i even attempted communicating with a dev to see if they could shed any light on this grim situation after they initially said theyre happy to help they then palmed me of saying i should repeat the process ive already been through .... Is this going to be another case of devs not caring about thier playerbase?

I feel like its a great shame this issue still occurs after 7 months and feel like this could have a serious impact on the longevity of the game as to some players (me included) half the game is currently unplayable.

Please let me know all your thoughts about this and any devs also wishing to share a comment would also be appreciated

Good luck people of the fog


  • Maj33yMaj33y Member Posts: 230

    I'm not sure what causes it but as they mentioned that there are several Reasons why it happens .

    But with a few attempts to try and fix this ..

    ● Connection

    Make Sure You have enough bandwidth on your connection . I think one of the reasons is that when one of the players have an unexpected drop in bandwidth or Disconnect the game gets Stuck because of the way it is programmed. Since there is a connection synchronization among all players . So Making sure you have optimal connection speed and Signal should help a bit . But that at least solves the problem on your end and you can not help it if other people's connection or Disconnecting is the issue .

    Get a Dedicated connection for gaming . Disconnect other devices from the modem . If you are playing on PC some programs or Windows might be updating in the background .

    ● Game Engine Issue ( Game world unable to load)

    I'm just throwing a guess here that it could also be releated to game World being stuck and does not load . You know like those old Gen Games where the textures and shadows etc take time to load and this I think might result in infinite screen if You are on Console make sure you have enough Free space . If on PC having a better Processor and specs might help speed up the process but mainly it's from the Game Engine and they're upgrading it So next updates might solve this . I found a little trick before going into a Match load in the Tutorial and then Exit and try again ( I'm not sure but I like to think it helps to unstuck the Game world loading and it seems to work 50 % of the time)

    Just my Share on this and Good luck.

  • thestonedonethestonedone Member Posts: 19

    I have a 60 mb connection solely for the purposes of xbox i appreciate your thoughts on the matter but i dont think connection has anything to do with it as i even ran it off my phones Internet and got straight into a full match i personally think during a patch or dlc drop theres been some coding thats gone wrong or is interfering with the loading again appreciate all the thoughts but thats what i think has happened as ive had the issue since the legion dlc but ive heard people have the issue on a 50 50 basis so im just speculating

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