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Update | The Legion

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People of the Fog, 

Since the release of Chapter 11: The Darkness Among Us, we have received a lot of feedback, both positive and negative, regarding The Legion. With this update, we aim to bridge the gap in the extreme playstyle of this Killer and remove some of the ongoing frustrations when playing as The Legion as well as against The Legion. 


The following changes allow for direct Survivor counter-play, reduce the potential for exploiting certain game mechanics, and bring The Legion’s default attributes in-line with other Killers, all while retaining the core vision of this Killer. 

The Legion 

  • The Legion’s base movement speed is increased to 4.6m/s. 
  • The Legion’s Terror Radius is increased to 32m. 
  • Most of The Legion’s add-ons are rebalanced or reworked to account for the changes to Feral Frenzy and the Deep Wound status effect. 
  • The Iridescent button addon no longer requires The Legion to apply Deep Wound for the effects to be active. 

Feral Frenzy Update 

  • The recharge time of Feral Frenzy is increased and now requires a full power gauge to use it. Once it has been activated, the Legion must wait until the power gauge is full to be able to trigger the power again. 
  • The duration of Feral Frenzy is increased. The Legion spends longer in frenzy. 
  • The movement speed of Feral Frenzy is significantly reduced. The Legion moves faster than base speed while in frenzy, but not as fast as they did before. 
  • The Legion can no longer see blood pools (in addition to not seeing scratch marks) while in Feral Frenzy. 
  • Feral Frenzy is immediately and automatically cancelled whenever The Legion misses an attack while in frenzy. 

Deep Wound Update 

  • The Deep Wound timer pauses for survivors within The Killer's Terror Radius–regardless of whether they are in a chase or not. 
  • The Deep Wound timer pauses while Mending
  • The Killer does not see the Deep Wound timer progress–only the Deep Wound bar to know that Deep Wound has been applied. 
  • The Deep Wound timer progress is no longer reduced by regular Feral Frenzy attacks. 

We hope these updates will enrich your gaming experience and we look forward to your feedback regarding The Legion. 


See you in the Fog.

The Dead by Daylight Game Design Team 

The mid-chapter Player Test Build will be live on April 23rd and will include an update to The Legion

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