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My opinions and questions on The Legion changes

Today we received a post containing the changes we will be seeing for The Legion, where we cannot test these changes out until next Tuesday (April 23rd) I would still like to provide my feedback and questions for the changes made especially as a person who has played an unhealthy amount of Legion.

The changes started off strong and I can appreciate the buffs to the base movement speed as it will give Legion some real chase power without cheesy mechanics. This means that when the mid-chapter PTB rolls out the Legion will be 4.6 m/s with a 32 meter terror radius which is great for Legion.

However, I do have some questions regarding the changes made to the Feral Frenzy itself.

In the post it mentions that the movement speed of Legion was significantly decreased when using the Feral Frenzy while still being faster than the base movement speed. Exactly how significant is the movement speed change as the difference between 115% & 132% is only 17.

The post also goes onto mentioning that the Frenzy duration was increased, but exactly how much was the duration increased by?

These two details are incredibly important because Legion is a stall based killer and for that reason duration means everything when it comes to allowing Legion to chain hits to actually properly stall. If the duration is significantly increased then this will be great for the Legion but if it's only some slight changes then this will severely hurt Legion's ability to stall.

With all that being said, I'm glad to see that both moonwalking and frenzy spamming are now gone which should mean that people will hopefully have much more enjoyable games against The Legion but knowing the number changes will be very important for whether or not Legion will be more enjoyable to play as considering the fact that the strength of this power now sits directly in the hands of both the duration and movement speed with the other balance changes in mind.

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