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Initial play is deceptive in the long run

DemonDaddyDemonDaddy Member Posts: 1,881

Just feel like the initial basis of game balance is poorly represented to new players. They are given an illusion of gameplay that only lasts until they rank into the actual player pool.

New survivors tend to believe themselves inferior to killers who are overpowered and need to avoid chase. Which usually results in slow cautious gen work and complaints toward chases.

New killers gain a false sense of superiority from scared survivors and the abundant number of notifications/ mistakes they make. This usually leaves them blind to the true potential of survivor cooperation and leaves room for perpetuating bad habits.

Once some time and experience are gained in the community many find themselves almost reluctant to find and accept the reverse.

Experienced survivors know they dictate the speed of the match. They approach the killer's attention as a primary tool to buy time for gen repairs and stall on loops for as long as possible while aggressively pressuring gen defense.

Experienced killer know that time is in extremely short supply and need to juggle survivors with little to no stream of notifications from mistakes, instead relying on perks and information granted by their own performance. Steamrolling success is critical in pacing the match in their favor, while a lengthy mistake can cost it all.

While I understand taking feedback from new player to maintain a sense of enjoyment and preserve their hope, future changes need to be more oriented at what the game is after experience and knowledge has been gained not the common obstacles everyone eventually out grows.


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