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The Official Rules for Killers Ordained by Survivors

SythalinSythalin Member Posts: 280
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Tired of survivors calling you a "toxic" killer and constantly DCing against you? Well, most likely it is YOUR fault as you are not following the "unwritten" rules.

"OMG Syth, what are the 'unwritten rules' everyone is asking about?"

Well, there's 10 of them and they're rather simple. Without further delay:

  1. First and foremost, all killers must have optical recognition installed on their computers, reasons for which can be found below. If not, they are not permitted to play killer. Period.
  2. Killers are not allowed any perks.
  3. Killers are not allowed any addons.
  4. Killers are only permitted to use Party Streamer offering as it helps survivors to get more BP.
  5. Killer is not permitted to afk, alt-tab or look at additonal montiors for the duration of the match. If optical recognition sees the killer do any of these they are immediately perma-banned from the game.
  6. Once the match has started, the killer is not permitted to move until all generators have been completed and gates have been opened.
  7. Once gates have been opened, killer is to proceed to all pallets on the map so that survivors can drop them on them to build BP. NOTE: Killer is NOT permitted to break the pallets.
  8. Once all pallets have been dropped, if any survivor is still not maxed in Boldness the killer is obligated to chase them for exactly 90 sec, then break the chase so survivor gets credit for "escaping".
  9. When all survivors have maxed out their possible points, represented by all heading to an exit and start teabagging, the killer must follow and watch the teabagging for no less than 2 minutes to "respect the survivors' skill and dominance" of the game. If optical recognition sees that the killer has looked away at any point during this time period, the killer is immediately perma-banned from the game.
  10. Finally, killer must leave the match as soon as the last survivor exits the gate to ensure they receive no BP or shards for the game. To do this, killer must bring up the "Leave Game" and hover their mouse over the option. Once the last survivor's icon changes to the escape icon, the killer at this time presses the button.

Any violations of these rules, especially rule #10, will be subject to punishment, up to and including permanent banning from the game. You're welcome!

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