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Endgame Collapse - Video Transcript

"The Endgame Collapse is a new phase that pushes all lingering survivors to escape before being claimed by the entity, which draws the trial to a brutal close.

Players can activate the endgame phase in two ways - by opening a powered-up exit gate or by closing the hatch.

Both the killer and survivor can open the exit gates. Only the killer can close the hatch.

A three minute countdown will start as soon as the endgame phase is activated. A progression bar will appear on the screen to indicate how much time remains. The countdown's pace will be altered by the state of the survivors. The progression will go slower when a survivor is hooked or put into a dying state. Each time the countdown is depleted by a quarter, survivors will receive audio and visual cues of the impending collapse. When time runs out, any survivor remaining (even those hiding in lockers), will fall into the clutches of the entity. They will count as regular sacrifices for the killer.

When only one survivor remains, the hatch will spawn and open. No matter how many generators were repaired. Once the endgame phase is activated, all generators will be blocked by the entity.

Tensions will run high as the survivors race against the clock to save their friends from the entity while evading the killer, but in the end, all will collapse. "

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