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Nurse Glitching Out Of Map

UltimateHit47UltimateHit47 Member Posts: 45

l was on a SWF with one of my friends. The game started and we heard a nurse blink. After that there was no sign of the killer. While the other two survivors did gens, we looked for the killer but she wasn't on the map. I opened one of the exit gates and my friend was next to me. But the Nurse was right there behind the gate and downed my friend with NOED. She didn't blink out after I opened it because we would have heard, so she must have blinked out of the gate at the very start of the game. I DMed them on PS4 and they said it wasn't a glitch and it's meant to be in the game. Can someone clear this up for me? I reported the user btw.


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