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4 Legion Changes that would fix this whole thing

bkillercbkillerc Member Posts: 108
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I'm a 2,000 hour console player, and I was thinking how Legion's changes could work and came up with 4 ideas:

  1. Terror radius: 24 normal, 32-40 in frenzy. Or something to that effect... Small normal big in frenzy. This helps to get some sneak attacks, but locate in frenzy and not tunnel. Also, gives fair warning if speedy is coming to you.
  2. Deep wounds: change nothing from what is proposed for the PTB, but understand it's primary function is to make feral hits not effect you once you have it. (See #3). So if u have the deep wounds status, feral hits do nothing to you and are safe in the terror radius from going down by it, but u must recover.
  3. If injured and not in deep wounds, a feral hit will down you. POSSIBLY completely deplete bar on a miss? Only give long distance frenzy after you'd hit someone first. (4-5 sec normal, 10-20 sec after a deep wound) So a downing hit is difficult with a hard time limit. Maybe downing someone ends the power? 
  4. Keep everything else the same from the proposed changes. With #3, maybe even keep the 110 or a 112 movespeed? Then u have to use power to down and if u miss/whiff u are punished hard.

I think this will encourage:

  1. not tunneling since u lose downing power from feral frenzy, making feral frenzy hits skill based and powerful only after deep wounds are healed.
  2. Making legion a tactical, skill based killer... Not an M1. He can down with power, BUT only if survivors don't heal, AND he finds them again, AND he doesn't miss even once, AND they are recovered from deep wounds. Many conditions, counterable in several ways and can't be abused. Also high risk as one miss and u need a recharge, but high reward with a down. 
  3. A downing feral hit will be difficult because of all the limitations and multiple counters, but a deep wound hit gives you the power to get distance and find people. 

Thought I'd throw it out there. Literally everything encourages leaving someone alone after hitting them, and taking a skilled, high risk/ high reward later. But it can be countered in multiple ways. Any exhaustion perk could counter it at least once, healing counters it, well timed jukes counter it, the better skilled player on a loop would win. 

A skilled legion with map awareness, dead hard memory, and timing can get u. A good survivor with pallet timing, well timed exhaustion perks and juking ability can get away from the first or second feral hit and goes into a regular chase.

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  • tt_ivi_99tt_ivi_99 Member Posts: 1,269

    I dont understand why Devs decided to make him a 32m Tr killer, I mean... The only reason people heal against this guy is because he's got a 24m Tr and combined with M&A it's a 16m Tr, so when they see the killer has M&A they start healing as crazy. With the 32m Tr no one will heal, survivors dont heal against Trapper, Billy, Plague, who are characters with a 32m Tr so it's gonna be the same with Legion...

    If they wanted Deep Wounds to not go down they should make it based on distance, not Tr, some perks like DH, MYC or TI work that way so I dont see why this couldnt be the same thing...

    Everything else should stay, except of course the reduced speed in Frenzy and the miss hit and lose power thing...

  • IhatelifeIhatelife Member Posts: 4,313
  • IhatelifeIhatelife Member Posts: 4,313

    I agree with this! Thank you for understanding the major problems for my bae 😘

  • bkillercbkillerc Member Posts: 108

    I've seen the question in the Legion Question forums also: can frenzy take down an injured person. Keeping fingers crossed.

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