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Who are your favorite people on the forums?

KiraElijahKiraElijah Member Posts: 1,187

[Rating just for fun]

@TreemanXD (I gotta say this because he's my brother) [10 Stars]

@PhantomMask20763 Cool dude, Doesn't gripe about my music when playing with @TreemanXD, and he's just fun to talk to on the forums [9.9 Stars]

@Shad03 Fun dude, A Legion friend [8 Stars]

@Poweas All around nice dude, he speaks his mind and defends his buddies. What more can I say?[10 Stars]

@NoodleLegs Very friendly on the forums, likes some of my music [9.8 Stars]

@Chaotic_Riddle Legion friend and person who made Legion pins popular [8 Stars]

@Hoodedfengm1n Really friendly on the forums [8.4 Stars]



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