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Plague Tips & Tricks

I have recently started playing as The Plague and of course it takes time to adapt to her playstyle. However, I don't think I'm playing her correctly as many people rank her mid-tier and gens seem to go way to fast for me. Do any Plague mains have any tips or tricks for me?


  • UltimateHit47UltimateHit47 Member Posts: 45

    Oh dear, I used the wrong to/too/two. Too*

  • UltimateHit47UltimateHit47 Member Posts: 45

    That's a good idea, but I forgot to mention I am also trying to get Adept Plague. But i really like that so I might use it after I've finished the trophy.

  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 7,720
    edited April 2019

    Apples are her best add-ons (start with 1 Corrupt fountain). Her biggest counter play is to stay sick/Broken for as long as possible, do gens, then use a fountain nearer the end of the game. Apples stop that from being an option because the moment everyone is sick you take the Corrupt fountain and FORCE them to use more fountains. If they don't they are easy to catch with Corrupt. Thanatophobia is good for this too, because if they decide to never use fountains then the game slows down. Both of her pink add-ons also help with this, but the Iridescent Seal is more powerful IMO. After that her best add-ons are effectiveness and Severed Toe (increases rate at which they become sick when performing actions/interactis). I also find tablets (increase Corrupt duration) to be good picks sometimes. But you will usually want to run 1 apple just to force survivors to take fountains.

    She has to deal with loops so if you are having trouble do either Brutal Strength or Enduring/Spirit Fury. BS is good for her because most survivors drop the pallet early if they are Broken. It also helps with gens, since when she pukes on a gen it's like kicking it twice this saves time there. E/SF is the stronger option but is a combo instead of 1 perk. Bambo is also not bad for her.

    For tactics, you want to get people sick. This means puke on EVERYTHING. If you use a green apple it adds 5 seconds to the infection time, for a max of 40 seconds. If you see a gen running, kick it, and puke on it. It survivors touch it they get sick, you can see this, and you know where they are. It's a bit like a mini-Surveillance. If they don't and wait, well that's 40 seconds of regression you just got. Also puke on lockers, pallets, and windows as you approach an area so if a survivor uses them they get sick.

    As for puking on survivors, I find it better to actually just spray them quick to get them sick, then m1 them down like other killers. If they lead you on a long chase wait until they are Broken before finding someone new. You want this survivor to use a fountain and they might not if they aren't Broken yet. The only time I try to inflict Broken directly before I hit a survivor is if I'm in a really good spot to get them or I have effectiveness add-ons.

    I've been using Whispers to great effect on her. If you see Whispers proc just start puking on everything. Gens, lockers, chests, totems. Anything you walk past as you search the area. I find that having a 32m terror radius and being tall AF makes it easy to hide from you, which Whispers counters. People say M&A but I honestly don't care for that perk on her. I guess if you play M&A Billy or something you might like it but I find Whispers more helpful.

    Think ahead. If you see a Corrupt fountain take note of what's around it and what survivors are doing. Sometimes you want to save them for when you are in a chase or something, so you need to use them tactically. If you get someone in the basement it's usually a good idea to go grab a fountain quickly because Corrupt is like a LF chainsaw mixed with Huntress hatchets. You can down everyone quickly, even if they have BT/MOM and such.

    Last thing I wanna say is don't always charge purge all the way. Vile or Corrupt. Most of the time you can charge it a little bit and just spray them quickly. You want to avoid charging it to full in a chase because it makes you slow and you will never catch them with the whole thing at a loop.

  • HuntarHuntar Member Posts: 820

    Do longer pukes increase the amount of sickness that survivors pick up from items? Say, does tapping puke on a gen increase sickness less than fully charging and hitting the gen with the whole stream?

  • johnmwarnerjohnmwarner Member Posts: 3,793

    On gens and kickers any puke is the same. On survivors a full stream Is better than a partial it breaks them quicker.

  • Mat_SellaMat_Sella Member Posts: 1,542

    as a person that has started playing more plague, the smartest survivor's will stay sick, so @thesuicidefox isnt wrong in saying apple's are the best add-ons, it prevents MoM and the survivor's ability to loop.

    Also, if you have Corrupt Intervention and catch someone else; if they're close to you try to get them fully sick, otherwise just try to apply sickness to them quickly and continue patrolling the gens and infecting them. They'll become broken eventually and getting everyone sick early is very important.

  • GhostrickSpecterGhostrickSpecter Member Posts: 460

    I made a Plague guide at steam! Hope this helps you a lot! Keep in mind my play styles may be different than the others!


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