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Epic matchmaking has returned!

SythalinSythalin Member Posts: 280

I swear, the more time passes the more incompetent this studio gets.


  • Adonisadon234Adonisadon234 Member Posts: 147
  • DemonDaddyDemonDaddy Member Posts: 3,513

    You only get good matchmaking against solos. Swf still seems able to exploit with low rank teammates.

  • SpirezSpirez Member Posts: 666

    You’re being so dramatic for only 3 rank difference. I usually get to rank 1 on both survivors and killer. Lately with all these games coming out I’ve been playing less of dbd so I’ve been getting deranked with rank reset but that doesn’t mean that because I’m a rank 10 killer doesn’t mean I don’t have the skill or knowledge of a rank 1.

    i say rank 1-10 or even 1-15 should all be grouped together for a faster matchmaking.

  • VortexasVortexas Member Posts: 757

    I am just ranking up again killerwise.

    I am use to seeing HUGE gaps in rank on the survivor side usually thanks to SwF.

    But now...shoot, unless I manually check the profiles rank doesn't tell me poop anymore.

  • SythalinSythalin Member Posts: 280

    I've been getting deranked with rank reset

    Everyone does, unless somehow you've been magically keeping your ranks after every reset.

    or even 1-15 should be grouped together

    So, basically eliminate rank brackets and let the R1s farm R15s all day, just like the old days. Hell, why not go a step further? R1s ONLY match against R15s - the least amount of players against the largest!

    I'm honestly trying to figure out if this was just pure troll response or if you're actually being serious.

  • SythalinSythalin Member Posts: 280

    You’re being so dramatic for only 3 rank difference.

    Oh, you're totally right, because wider gaps never happen. Oh wait, what's this....?

  • HeroiqHeroiq Member Posts: 1,134

    yep. i faced a rank 17 killer while i'm a rank 5 survivor. epic right?

  • SythalinSythalin Member Posts: 280

    Still going strong!

  • SythalinSythalin Member Posts: 280

    Man, so glad that the matchmaking is balanced!

  • ABannedCatABannedCat Member Posts: 2,529
    edited May 2019

    Once got paired witha bunch of rank15er as rank 1 ... Funny match to say atleast.

  • SythalinSythalin Member Posts: 280

    And it keeps going!

  • TWiXTTWiXT Member Posts: 1,897
    edited May 2019


    The majority of times I get this kind of matchmaking, its when the survivors are queuing up in SWF groups. Whoever is the host of the SWF team is the deciding factor in what rank of killer they get matched up with. So if its a high rank host with a low rank friend(s), they all get matched with a high rank killer, and the same can be said if the host is low rank and their friends are high rank. This is yet another reason SWF can sometimes feel broken as it can cause this kind of unbalanced matchmaking.

    Take the screenshot above for example: the 13 and 6 could be 1 two person swf group, and the 9 and other 13 another, but both had the lowest ranked member be the host of their groups, which matched them up with you as you were the killer available closest to the hosts rank. This is especially noticeable on the weekends and during events because lots of players jump on with their friends.

    I'm not saying that this is always the case, but it does seem to be the leading factor in this kind of wacky and unbalanced matchmaking.

  • PigNRunPigNRun Member Posts: 2,428


    The problem is I have experienced this as well the past few days; with me being Rank 6 on Survivor against a Rank 15 Killer, while other Survivors are around Yellow/Green Ranks. And, yes, I am solo. And all Survivors joined at different times inside the lobby.

  • SythalinSythalin Member Posts: 280


  • SythalinSythalin Member Posts: 280


  • SythalinSythalin Member Posts: 280

    What. In. The. Actual. #########.

  • DenimChickenDenimChicken Member Posts: 114

    It's because of SWF it's harder to balance a match by rank when the SWF group is not close in rank. It sucks but what can they really do.

    Give the option to only accept randoms in lobby and search times would be even more insane.

    Make it so SWF has to be close in rank to play with friends and that ruins the experience to play with your friends.

    Show rank in lobby and lobby dodging would increase.

    Then you have the "git gud" argument which is lame because not everyone plays the game to be obsessed with rank. Some people just want to have fun and not everyone is at the same skill level.

  • SlinkyJinkySlinkyJinky Member Posts: 371
    edited May 2019

    There's a 6 level gap between 4 and 10. That's big enough of a gap to matter.

    • Red ranks should only be able to group with other Red ranks and the cusp of Purple ranks and vice versa.
    • Purple ranks should only be able to group with other Purple ranks and the cusp of Green ranks and vice versa.
    • Green ranks should only be able to group with other Green ranks and the cusp of Yellow ranks and vice versa.
    • Yellow ranks should only be able to group with other Yellow, Brown ranks and vice versa.

    Red ranked players should never be seen in Yellow ranked matches. That's just stupid.

  • SythalinSythalin Member Posts: 280

    FYI, I'm running solo, so there's that....

  • SeanzuSeanzu Member Posts: 7,118

    Ok? 4 Ranks of difference, and the killer has like, level 1 perks omegalul, such a challenge, be careful.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 5,608
    edited May 2019

    Could be worse. At least you didn't deal with this SWF garbage.

  • Maj33yMaj33y Member Posts: 236

    Get good or go home ! It's not like you are a Rank 20 / 19

  • SythalinSythalin Member Posts: 280

    Been R1 killer and survivor, how about you? This is about matchmaking, not one's skill. Take your internet machismo back to the playground with your buddies where it belongs.

  • SchwiftySchwifty Member Posts: 70

    Purple ranks should never be allowed in with Yellow ranks because the lower ranks are more likely to be new players who are more likely to be dissuaded from playing if exposed to toxic Survivors / Killers from the higher ranks. And less new players means less revenue means less content means rip dbd

  • KiskashiKiskashi Member Posts: 1,043

    Doesn't this already happen though? rank reset being every month, plus increased pip difficulty for survivors means the edge between yellow and green (14/13) are filled with depipped skilled survivors. On the old ranking system at rank 13 I would purely encounter potatoes, now I am seeing survivors that know how to loop, how to 360 (on console), how to bait vaults, using DH,DS,MoM and adrenaline (sometimes all 4). If I were a legitimately new killer going up against this all the time I don't think I'd be that motivated to continue...and it's probably the same on the reverse.

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