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I want a better terror radius system

DemonDaddyDemonDaddy Member Posts: 1,881

I find the dramatic shifts is Tr audio levels to be a real annoyance and overwhelmingly powerful as a survivor tool. I actually get overjoyed when facing killers will special Tr conditions as it helps to provide the excitement of mindgames that other killers lack. What I would like personally is;

General Tr music plays softly (like Freddy's lullaby or huntresses humming) regardless of their relative distance or direction.

I feel this would still allow us to become aware and cautious without becoming overly alert to the killers path choice and arrival time.

The increase in Terror radius volume should be reserved for line of sight and the heart beat related to how far behind you in the chase the killer actually is, reaching its peak when the red stain is upon you.

I think having it slightly dull when visibility is low would also help to mindgame against the killer, letting us know that there is potential to use stealth and cease unnecessarily hazardous loops.


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