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Reverse Bear Trap

At end game it is almost pointless. It's a temporary cosmetic item for the survivors. I kinda get the trap not activating until a gen has been done, wasn't it this way before?

The terror radius thing is so stupid. It will be IMPOSSIBLE to get a head pop now I think. Some killers are late game killers and the Pig is one of them. They gotta take the terror radius thing away.

The gates are already 5 seconds shorter to open?

And I still don't know why?


  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 1,782

    As you know the rbt comes in two states, inactive and active

    A trap changes from inactive to active when a generator is powered and starts the timer.

    A new change in the ptb is that the survicors can now exit the game with a trap on the head if it is inactive.

    So putting a trap on a survivor head will be useless after the last generator is done.

  • Free_HugsFree_Hugs Member Posts: 298

    Wow. Removing one of Pig's only strengths and defining features is really logical indeed.

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