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First look at the new Legion and the end of the game

  • The Legion’s base movement speed is increased to 4.6m/s. This seems to be the best thing that happened to the Legion.
  • The Legion’s Terror Radius is increased to 32m. Ok i'll survive this someday
  • Most of The Legion’s add-ons are rebalanced or reworked to account for the changes to Feral Frenzy and the Deep Wound status effect. Of course, the emergence of new statuses, such as weakening, with a hit during the Deep Wound, but Frank's Mix Tape and Stab Wounds Study are now completely useless.
  • The Iridescent button addon no longer requires The Legion to apply Deep Wound for the effects to be active. That's not bad

The  is increased and now requires a full power gauge to use it. Once it has been activated, the Legion must wait until the power gauge is full to be able to trigger the power again. Add to this that Feral Frenzy is lost when:

1. When did you hit the survivor?

2. When you get a pallet

3. When you miss a hit during a feral frenzy.

How do you think, how often can people use Feral Frenzy?

  • The duration of Feral Frenzy is increased. The Legion spends longer in frenzy. This is a very good update.
  • The movement speed of Feral Frenzy is significantly reduced. The Legion moves faster than base speed while in frenzy, but not as fast as they did before. This is a big headache. When I jumped out the window, or over the pallet, God, how long is it
  • The Legion can no longer see blood pools (in addition to not seeing scratch marks) while in Feral Frenzy. it is not clear why this was done, given that now the killer will not use Feral Frenzy to catch up with the survivor, but will use M1
  • Feral Frenzy is immediately and automatically cancelled whenever The Legion misses an attack while in frenzy. Well, if you really want to complicate the game for the Legion, then you can leave it, although it really complicates the game
  • The Deep Wound timer pauses for survivors within The Killer's Terror Radius–regardless of whether they are in a chase or not. This means it is done so that there is no moon walk, while chasing. okay
  • The Deep Wound timer progress is no longer reduced by regular Feral Frenzy attacks. I made a hit during Feral Frenzy, caught up with the survivor once more - and what's the point for me to hit again if progress is no longer reduced? It turns out that having made the first hit, and no one is around, then the Feral Frenzy is no longer necessary?

About the end of the game.

My opinion looks very beautiful, very exciting. But, there is no sense of danger when the gate is open, and I am already standing next to them. And when the killer closed the hatch, it was certainly very cool, and the process of the game became more interesting. But the gate opens too quickly, until the killer reaches the gate, the survivor has already fled. It would be nice to somehow complicate the process of escape, may slow down the time of opening the gate, or add some task before the escape. It would be an exciting challenge.


  • Master_Bad_GuyMaster_Bad_Guy Member Posts: 100

    The new change end game is much better. 2 minutes before the end, I feel dangerous, this is really adrenaline. thanks for this

  • Master_Bad_GuyMaster_Bad_Guy Member Posts: 100
    edited April 2019

    When the door is closed, 2 minutes is enough to get to the gate.

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