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Killer Tier List???

TeknoSnake123TeknoSnake123 Member Posts: 1

I haven't really seen any good or modern killer tier lists for killers. Anyone think they have it?


  • LastShoeLastShoe Member Posts: 486

    @Fab Hag can set up her traps really fast, unlike the trapper. She can use them for much easier antilooping than the doc, and often she can score easy grabs from it.

    Also, imo tier list goes like that:

    SS (easy win): Nurse Hillbilly

    S(win with a skill): Spirit, Hag, Huntress

    A(win with a skill): Legion, Myers, Plague

    B(win with a very specific build): Clown, Doctor, Wraith, Pig

    C(possible win with a specific build and a skill) : Trapper, Cannibal

    F(win against potatoes): Nightmare

  • IhatelifeIhatelife Member Posts: 3,675

    God tier: Nurse

    Top tier: Hillbilly, Spirit

    Better than mid tier: Hag, Myers, Huntress

    Mid tier: Wraith, Doctor, Pig, Clown, Plague

    Low tier: Legion, Trapper, Letherface, Freddy

  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member, Trusted Posts: 13,805






    Skip E, this is F tier:Plague, Leatherface

  • Micheal_MyersMicheal_Myers Member Posts: 938

    Odd thing is... In low ranks, even tho they have a full perk stack and are predigested. 2 people disconnected when I played The Pig Idk why, but I guess She's an A+ character at low ranks =P

  • gantesgantes Member Posts: 1,474

    S: Nurse

    S-: Spirit, Billy

    A: Huntress, Hag, Myers

    A-: Plague, Pig, Clown, Doctor, Legion

    B+: Wraith

    B: Trapper, Leatherface, Freddy

    S is God, S- is almost God, A is probably what we should aim around balancing all killers (strong, but not crazy strong). The reason why the A- tiers are not B is because I feel like everyone below them desperately needs good add-ons to compete, while they can perform reasonably well without/with lesser add-ons.

    I'm not extending below B tier because outside of the top 3, I don't believe this game is that unbalanced killer wise. Other than making everyone reasonably good without add-ons we might be fine.

  • LapisInfernalisLapisInfernalis Member Posts: 587

    Read it from left to right. So Billy is A+, Myers is A, Spirit is A- etc.

    A&B=Top Tiers

    C=Mid Tier

    D&E=Low Tiers

    I think balancing should be around BTier, so they are strong (which a Killer should be) but not too strong without stuff. Add-ons should make a Killer stronger but they mustn't rely on them to do things. That's the problem with the Low Tiers. C Tier Killers have a nice power, but are easily couterable. Pig would have been in C Tier, but since the nerf with EGC she is Low Tier.

  • inhollowinhollow Member Posts: 7

    there is no good or bad tier list. yes sure some killers are better then others when comparing but in the end it comes down to your personal taste so just play what you enjoy really. i dont like tier lists but thats just me.

  • neKHiraneKHira Member Posts: 5

    For me, Clown & Legion should be in tier c switch place with Hag & GF. I agreed with the others placement.

  • GhostfaceneedaNerfGhostfaceneedaNerf Member Posts: 30

    Ghostface, then all the others

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 725

    This is the addon-less killer list. All killers are trying to 4k with no perks.

    If it were addon based (still no perks), Hag would be in A tier, Clown & Ghostface & Trapper would be in B tier, Plague would be in C tier, Wraith would be in C tier, and Freddy would be in B tier (WOW!)

  • Bigbootiejudy666Bigbootiejudy666 Member Posts: 407

    Why is the PLAG so low, Yeah I understand if you put her in mid tier but in F tier?

  • SpicybarbecueSpicybarbecue Member Posts: 183
    edited June 2019

    SWF tier- SWF

    Broken OP tier - Nurse, Billy,

    A tier - Huntress, Spirit

    B tier- Hag, Plague, Myers

    C tier- Leatherface, Legion, Trapper, Wraith, Pig, Doc, Clown, Ghostface

    Freddy tier- Freddy (my fav killer to play as though)

    (2k hours split evenly between both roels, played at r1 every season I've played the game as both roles)

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  • TerminalEntropyTerminalEntropy Member Posts: 70

    Alright, Wraith or Doctor in low tiers is a big stretch. And this god-know-where-invented rule that being "addon dependent" is a bad thing. I, for one, think it's exactly the other way around, we're talking about two, most customizable powers right after Hag's Black Catalyst which make them incredibly fun and strong! Although Wraith's could get a bit more love.

    I support the list @Ihatelife made, it's simple and reasonable. The only thing I'd change is Trapper position, he's mid tier but has to rely on Tar Bottle, then learn survivors favorite pathways (favorite loops to be precise...) and the game is on. And this Sherlock Holmes feeling "I have you figured out" is a delicacy. There are also places where traps sink into the textures but that's top secret x)

  • CheersTCCheersTC Member Posts: 407

    S - Nurse

    A - Hillbilly, Huntress

    B - Spirit, Legion, Doctor, Hag

    C - Myers, Trapper, Bubba

    D - Plague, Wraith, Pig

    E - Ghostface

    F - Freddy (Lets hope his rework helps him)

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