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Killer Tier List???

I haven't really seen any good or modern killer tier lists for killers. Anyone think they have it?



  • FabFab Member Posts: 148

    This is IMO, and I play both sides.

    1. The Nurse
    2. The Huntress
    3. The Spirit
    4. The Hillbilly
    5. The Plague
    6. The Clown
    7. The Shape
    8. The Doctor
    9. The Cannibal
    10. The Legion
    11. The Hag
    12. The Pig
    13. The Trapper
    14. The Wraith
    15. The Nightmare

    This is taking into account the new 2.7.0 changes.

  • MistressCharaMistressChara Member Posts: 99

    S: Nurse

    A: Hillbilly, Spirit, Huntress, Hag

    B: Clown, Doctor, Plague, Shape, Pig

    C: Cannibal, Legion, Trapper, Wraith

    D: Nightmare

    Not taking into account the 2.7.0 changes. Otherwise Pig would be in C.

  • FabFab Member Posts: 148

    Cannibal and doctor move at 4.6m/s, Cannibal has instant down potential, Doctor has anti loop potential. (and knows where people are when they scream.) Hag moves at 4.4 m/s and can only teleport to her traps IF they're triggered. (without add ons.) It takes too much time to set up with Hag/Trapper nowadays. Gens are completed too quickly without Ruin. That's why the Cannibal and Doctor are better than Hag. IMO

  • LastShoeLastShoe Member Posts: 237

    @Fab Hag can set up her traps really fast, unlike the trapper. She can use them for much easier antilooping than the doc, and often she can score easy grabs from it.

    Also, imo tier list goes like that:

    SS (easy win): Nurse Hillbilly

    S(win with a skill): Spirit, Hag, Huntress

    A(win with a skill): Legion, Myers, Plague

    B(win with a very specific build): Clown, Doctor, Wraith, Pig

    C(possible win with a specific build and a skill) : Trapper, Cannibal

    F(win against potatoes): Nightmare

  • IhatelifeIhatelife Member Posts: 2,156

    God tier: Nurse

    Top tier: Hillbilly, Spirit

    Better than mid tier: Hag, Myers, Huntress

    Mid tier: Wraith, Doctor, Pig, Clown, Plague

    Low tier: Legion, Trapper, Letherface, Freddy

  • TreemanXDTreemanXD Member Posts: 4,452






    Skip E, this is F tier:Plague, Leatherface

  • Micheal_MyersMicheal_Myers Member Posts: 65

    Odd thing is... In low ranks, even tho they have a full perk stack and are predigested. 2 people disconnected when I played The Pig Idk why, but I guess She's an A+ character at low ranks =P

  • gantesgantes Member Posts: 193

    S: Nurse

    S-: Spirit, Billy

    A: Huntress, Hag, Myers

    A-: Plague, Pig, Clown, Doctor, Legion

    B+: Wraith

    B: Trapper, Leatherface, Freddy

    S is God, S- is almost God, A is probably what we should aim around balancing all killers (strong, but not crazy strong). The reason why the A- tiers are not B is because I feel like everyone below them desperately needs good add-ons to compete, while they can perform reasonably well without/with lesser add-ons.

    I'm not extending below B tier because outside of the top 3, I don't believe this game is that unbalanced killer wise. Other than making everyone reasonably good without add-ons we might be fine.

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