The Pig nerfs

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Am I the only one that thinks the nerfs to pig were very unnecessary? I just feel like her endgame potential has been completely ruined and for no reason: it's not as if she was particularly strong before hand. I understand that Legion's nerfs were far more severe, but I don't think anyone is seeming to notice how bad the pig is gonna be after this goes life. And before anyone talks about the slight buff to crouching, I really don't think this counters the fact the all of her late game potential is gone. Imo, they should have just made it so that the trap goes off when going through the exit gates regardless, and/or made it so that triggering EGC counts as powering gens.

I hope BHVR sees this, and that the rest of the community agrees with me.



  • MarcavecuncMarcavecunc Member Posts: 987

    The way the Collapse works now, with it being too long, they shouldn't have touched Amanda at all, and it would have been totally fine. And even with a shorter collapse, she'd still be fine.

    Before this, she could put a trap on anyone after the last generator was done, and she had less time to remove it before exiting than the whole collapse phase, and it was still more than enough time to do it.

  • Hector100803Hector100803 Member Posts: 7

    Yeah, although I think some changes were required in regard to EGC, they went way over board. The only thing they needed to do was make it so that an RBT being in play had the same effect on the EGC timer as having a downed/hooked survivor.

  • MarcavecuncMarcavecunc Member Posts: 987

    Right. Leave Amanda's powers alone, and just make a trapped survivor count as an injured/hooked one and slow down the timer accordingly? I like the idea

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    Its a big nerf on her make so you can see the key aura when you got the trap on you only if the end game collapse its starts

  • Hector100803Hector100803 Member Posts: 7

    Yeah, cos it would fix what they were worried about with her breaking the endgame, but without straight up nerfing her through the floor. Lets just hope the devs listen to the community I guess, but they don't usually change anything after the PTB except bugs, so I'm not holding out much hope.

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    english is not native language for me... But i can't be silent.. Because I have tested her nerfed version in the PTB....

    Exit through gates with trap is needed that to add collapse to the game without owerpowering of the Pig. I can understand this nerf.

    But, to pause timer, when survivor is inside terror radius - is too big nerf. It means that now traps are never explode (now no need to hurry and be afraid of an explosion, if amanda checking boxes - people can safely hide and wait while pig leaves the box).


    Developers.. If you want to decrease/nerf Pig's maniac's power here 2 times, please increase her advantage in other parts of the gameplay. Or, if you will only nerf Pig, Amanda will become completelly the weakest and the useless killer.

    Developers. Your employees that are engaged in balance - are smart people. I say this after many years of observing your changes in the patches. Don't do anything stupid now. If you weaken the pig because of the collapse, compensate for this by strengthening it in other places of gameplay (increase power of her addons or make harder box interactions, as example).

  • Hector100803Hector100803 Member Posts: 7

    Yeah, I agree with most of what you said. Personally I think that they should have left it so that they can't leave with the trap and made it so that triggering end game collapse activates the traps. However, they should have nerfed her by making it so that a trap being in play slows the end game collapse timer like a hooked/downed survivor does. I feel like that way she wouldn't have remained in a similar position to before.

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 1,769

    Rbt and egc are two different matters .

    There was no need to change pig except mabye the "moonwalk fix".

  • Hector100803Hector100803 Member Posts: 7

    imo, they needed to make it so that an rbt being in play slows the egc timer, but that's all they needed to do in terms of balancing her for egc. Moonwalk isn't related to egc, but you're right the should probably be fixed

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