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Stuck Inside Locker When Playing in RED Ping Room

calvinvaleriancalvinvalerian Member Posts: 43
edited September 2019 in PC

I'm accidentally stuck inside a locker and can't get out even by pressing A-Z, SPACE, SHIFT+SPACE.

I can move my camera freely just like when out of locker and I can even:

  • press 1 (point) and 2 (come here).
  • Crouch repeatedly
  • and nod head

This happens when doing a fast vault in & out of a locker.

I was only able to record after the bug happened.

*IMPORTANT*: This never happens to a room with green & yellow ping.

This is my very first time to see this and only affects RED ping room.

The killer (chinese boy) told me that he is going to report me.

I'll post a new discussion if I will find anymore bugs when playing in red ping rooms.

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