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My thoughts on the Legion on the 2.7.0 PTB

On the PTB for 2.7.0 Legion received a lot of changes that vastly improved the gameplay as and against the Legion to where their intended playstyle is now decently viable and the cheesy tactics they had before are now gone which is great. In this post, I would like to go over what I liked about the Legion changes and what I think should still be looked at in my own opinion and from my experience of playing both the new and old Legion.

On the PTB legion received some great changes such as being a 4.6 movement speed killer, an increased duration to the Feral Frenzy to allow for more chain hits, addon reworks and the removal of cheesy tactics such as moonwalking or spamming the Feral Frenzy until you down the survivor. This is great because it removed the unfun tactics that had no counterplay while also allowing Legion to play how the devs originally intended people to play them which is to chain hits on survivors to stall the game and gain more information on the current location of the survivors. These changes also allow Legion to properly mindgame better than most M1 killers thanks to having a normal movement speed, the tinted screen in deep wounds & being super short.

That being said, I do believe that with these changes that made Legion much healthier came some other changes I think should still be looked at as although Legion is much healthier for the game there are still a couple of flaws that actually hinder The Legion more than it should, the following below are what I would change and why ;

  • Reduce the Feral Frenzy fatigue from 4 seconds back down to 3.

As of currently the fatigue Legion gets in their base kit is way too long and forces them to waste a lot of their own time thanks to this. While a stun time like this would be understandable for Nurse, punishing the Legion this hard for missing an attack or counteracting the fact that they can chain hits to delay the game with such a long fatigue is just simply way too harsh. I would like to see the fatigue change reverted and see how the new values on the fatigue addons work, if it turns out to be too powerful then I would recommend removing the ability to stack the fatigue addons. Basically lower the gap between a Legion with addons and a Legion without addons to encourage more people to play them without only ever seeing the same exact addons being used.

  • The conditions for the cooldown are too harsh.

Currently Legion has a 20 second cooldown which is fine, this change by itself is good because you shouldn't need to use your power as often with Legion as you would with Spirit who actually needs to use her power a lot. However as of currently the Legion loses progress on their cooldown if they're stunned in any way including pallet drops when you're not in your Feral Frenzy or by properly hitting a survivor with a normal M1. I would like to see changes to this by removing the conditions for the cooldown reset so Legion does not lose their cooldown by being pallet slammed outside of Feral Frenzy and by making normal M1 attacks. Removing the cooldown when hit by Head On or Decisive Strike however is fine as it gives the perks more use and in the case of DS it properly punishes the killer for tunneling.

  • Revert the vault speed changes and the locker fix.

Legion's power is not lethal at the hands of the killer alone, because of this it's actually fine to allow Legion to maintain their old vaulting speed as right now it feels very sluggish for what should be an "agile" killer. With that being said, this isn't a big deal but it was an unnecessary change due to the other balance changes that actually did fix Legion. The locker fix was also unnecessary as it would be the survivor's fault for going into a locker, keep in mind that Legion needs to chain hits and with such a change in place people could just go into a locker to deprive Legion of doing exactly that. The locker fix only simply allows players to troll Legion just like they can with the evil incarnate setup for Myers should they want to play that way.

  • Change up a couple of addons.

While many of the changes to the addons are very well appreciated, some of them need some slight tweaks (the pin addons) and one of them (Frank's Mixtape) simply just needs a new purpose entirely.

For Frank's Mixtape, I would like to see this addon be more worthwhile rather than it being a troll addon as it's simply old legion but worse. Rather than decreasing the bleedout by hitting a survivor, I think a good change would be to allow Frank's Mixtape to be the only addon that increases Legion's Feral Frenzy movement speed to give it a unique purpose as a very rare addon.

The pin addons on the other hand are a good concept but they need a slight tweak as currently they're counterproductive to use as they require you to hit a survivor twice in a row with the Frenzy to apply an effect. While I understand why this was done to give hitting the same survivor twice a purpose again, it's unnecessary as it means it will only apply to one survivor for only 60 seconds which is pointless because that will be the survivor you're chasing down anyways. Instead I would like to see one basic change to where these addons only require the first hit to activate so that they can actually have an impact on the game.

With all that being said, I love the changes that were made to Legion and think that it was an excellent step towards improving the health of the game but I do hope that this feedback is looked at and considered before this version of Legion is put on live.


  • PluPlu Member Posts: 1,209

    I agree with all of your points, i still think Legion needs his old frenzy speed back since they removed all the lethality from the power, it would give them better mobility at the cost of tracking, and make Frank mixtape an addon that give multiple effects, but lessened ones, like one of the spirit's addon.

  • BrendanLeeTBrendanLeeT Member Posts: 272

    Couldn't word it better myself, agree with all of your points

  • suffering23suffering23 Member Posts: 230

    about the pins, only the broken one should require a second hit in my opinion, and this is really what i think about legion as well, i made a post about it too and you pretty much said all i thought

  • BiaNoYamiBiaNoYami Member Posts: 25

    The locker "bug fix" can absolutely not go through, because survivors are going to abuse it so damn much.

    You're chased by a Legion in Feral Frenzy? Easy; go into a locker -> wait until Frenzy ends or they cancel it -> post-Frenzy fatigue (now 4sec on default) gets triggered -> make a run for it.

    Or if you simply want to piss of the killer more, use "Head On" - it takes 3sec to become active but the Frenzy fatigue duration alone gives you more than enough time. (Not to mention the seconds until Frenzy runs out in the first place.) And if it hits, that makes for a double stun of (default) 7sec in total.

    However, the topic of lockers X Legion also reminds me of the fact that if you chase and hit a person with Feral Frenzy, the triggered Killer Instinct effect will also show auras of people hiding in lockers at that time.

    I've pulled people out of lockers while in Frenzy many times only because I knew they were in there due to Killer Instinct; I did not know before that. And I am AWARE of how annoying this must feel to some survivors. I get it.

    But that point of annoyance can simply be fixed by making survivors inside lockers untrackable by Killer Instinct.

    ...just something that was on my mind and to me felt necessary to add.

    I agree with all your other points, though! Well said.

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