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All you need to know - 3.7.0 PTB Mid-Chapter

My careful PTB feedback. (Please read)

@not_Queen @Peanits

I play on PS4. I'm a big fan of the game that has taken a break overall. I no longer play everyday, but play occasionally. I've put in some serious hours of fun (easily over 1,000 hours I'd say), and have financially supported the game as most of us have through DLCs and cosmetics etc..

So I've not played the PTB... but I've watched LOTS of video and from that, I have drew my OWN objective opinions. Which are below.

I hope my post gets read and is taken serious. I believe in honesty and transparency, so that is why I'm stating I've not actually played it myself. I play 2/3 killer, but play survivor as well.


Just some quick notes.

-DS is perfect now. Well done.

-Mettle of Man is fine the way it is. Don't change it.

-The look of the EGC is fantastic. The visuals are great

-The 720p or reduced graphics on console are fine now that I've gotten used to them, the game has never ran better than now. I would like the old crisper graphics if possible of course.


Now onto my thick, yet short objective opinions please.

The wall change for coldwind farms is great. Thanks for that. It was needed. The timer for the EGC is a bit long. This isn't a game changing mechanic, but a cool one that kinda pushes survivors out the door so to speak. It is needed, but when the dying state and/or hooked state, it's basically a 4 minute timer on average I'd say, unless they all just leave soon. The average time that actually happens must be close to 4 minutes.

This needs changed. It should be a 2 minutes timer, not 3. It will create even more tense moments, and with the slowdown, it will end up being around 3 minutes like intended.


-The Legion

The changes I'm happy with mostly. The missed attack is a great counter. The pallet speed nerf is fine. It seems you guys have buffed most of his add ons. That all works. However, his Terror Radius being nerfed to 32m is a bad decision. The Legion can no longer tunnel down a survivor with Feral Frenzy. This is a healthy change. He'll be forced to injure multiple people. That is the idea right? The ability for a survivor to hide away, close by and not have their timer go down doesn't make much sense.

This also takes away his ability to "sneak" up on people. With Monitor and Abuse III, his TR is the same as it was previously. 1 perk slot to have the old terror radius at default? NO. Please consider changing this. It makes the power role, powerful, with the ability to sneak up on people and stab 2 or 3 people. I really think the terror radius should go back to 24m. Or at least a compromise of 28m. 32m is just too large for a stealthy type killer.

Other than his terror radius being reverted back, I don't see any other changes needed. He did get a overall heavy nerf. His FF time was increased by like what? 1 second to 10? He's a 4.6ms killer now, so that will help get those 2nd hits for downs, but still... with all the nerfs... it makes it tough to think he'll be a powerful killer. He's just another okay, mid tier at best killer. Sure, in the right hands he can be deadly, but out of the box, power alone... he's fairly weak as is.

The power role, should remain powerful, and intimidating. 4v1... just because this is a 4v1 game doesn't mean the outcrying survivors should be rewarded with nerfs to killers. Don't they want a challenge and an overall intimidating and intense experience? Or just easy? I really think giving back the 24m TR is the way to go. And he's fine. Right now, just killers in their powers... etc. He's in with Trapper/Pig/Freddy/Clown or so. Something of the like.




The perks of this game is what drew me in and continues the draw me in. The art on the perks is amazing. The names are very cool, and the design of them mostly is great. However, there's perks that no one uses, and perks that everyone uses.

We can only bring 4. Killers bring 4, and survivors bring 4. In the end, it's 16 against 4. Probably averages out to 10-12 unique perks against 4. Lots of survivors use Self Care, DS, Mettle, and/or Adrenaline etc. So you'll only get 10-12 or so unique ones. But 16 total.

The problem is perks like "Remember Me" getting nerfed shouldn't happen. It's a situational perk, and lots of times the obsession plays stealthy, and I might only get 2-3 hits on them. And even then, there's a 1/4 or 1/3 chance (maybe someone has died) that they are opening up at least 1 gate and negating the slowdown on gate time. So the perk isn't that powerful to begin with.

The change is horrible. 4 seconds per hit from 5. Okay, I can take that, but reducing the stacks to 4 max from 6? I don't understand that. At all.

I rarely even get 6 stacks, but why kill the chance to get it? With the GATE TIMER being reduced to 15 seconds from 20...

We've gone from a max gate time of 51 seconds (which is rare to happen) to a max of 31 seconds. Which requires 1 perk slot, and having the obsession either dead or not opening that gate to obtain. Lots of conditions to get 11 seconds extra past the default time.

THe perk is almost worthless. It has some value, but it's basically crap. I wouldn't use it. I personally want to see it changed back. Or leave it alone and reduce the EGC timer like I nicely suggested above ^^^^^. Please. Regardless of any changes to it, the stacks of 6 max should be back. I don't get this change. It's just a nerf to a perk that took conditions to meet.

The other changes I'm okay with. Buffing Left Behind makes sense. That's fine.



The audio in this game is great. I love it. It could use some new stuff or dynamic changes, to keep it fresh, but most importantly... it's very important for a killer and should be fixed... footsteps, breathing... it should all be working right. It isn't.



I'm okay with the RBT not starting until a gen is completed. I'm okay with them having to be active for it to kill people. An active bear trap should also negate a hatch escape. This has far too long been a stupid thing that survivors have gotten away with.

The pig was already a bit weak. Low mid tier or so. The terror radius change is horrible. It needs to be removed. Only the chase condition should remain. It is a blind buff to survivors that makes no logical sense. EGC or not.

Thanks for your time. I hope my objectivity and passion was seen and respected.


  • DustinDustin Member Posts: 634
    edited April 2019

    I agree regarding the end game timer it doesn't really feel like there's a sense of urgency with the whole thing. Would feel better if it was 2 minutes (With the half tick speed for hooked / dying) or just a flat 3 minutes with no timer slows. Timer feels way too generous as it is now.

    No comment on Legion as I don't play them. Although for the most part Legion looks fine now.

    I assume the Remember Me change is because of the upcoming Freddy rework would make it too strong. If that's not the case the nerf is too heavy imo. If it's meant to stop the situation of a survivor needing to open a gate after hatch is slammed shut I'd rather them find an alternative. Nerfing a perk just because a potential 1v1 is stupid.

    Not a big fan of any of the Pig changes. I understand the logic behind them (I think anyways I honestly don't know anymore) but I don't agree with the solution. The current changes removes a lot of end game pressure and options for Pig. One thing specifically I don't like is how any leftover RBT traps are pretty much useless when the gates are powered. This is the main thing I would like to see addressed.

    • RBTs only become active whenever a generator is completed. Inactive RBTs will no longer trigger when attempting to leave via an exit gate. *NOTE: Initiating the End Game Collapse will not complete generators, but will block them. This means that any inactive RBTs will remain inactive.

    In my honest opinion RBT's should automatically activate when gates are powered as it is now and it should just pause the end game collapse timer while active.

    • The RBT timer now stops if the Survivor is within the Terror Radius, as opposed to when in a Chase

    This change seems unnecessary as it fails to prevent cheesing and it punishes Pig for playing normally as it removes a lot of pressure from survivors. For example if you're chasing someone and another survivor with an RBT on is hovering around your terror radius as they remove their RBT. The timer won't tick so there's no real sense of urgency while a RBT is on. So overall the survivor doesn't feel any added pressure on them if they know another survivor is being chased near them.

    This type of change was fine on Legion due to the cheesing with Feral Frenzy and Mend. Pig has no such issue and you can still cheese by reducing your TR to 0 with Ambush. Before you could cheese with Ambush as you wouldn't be in a chase. This change also gives Pig a built in Whispers because you'll see the UI timer stopping. Please don't mask the UI like mending to prevent this as that's a lazy fix for a non issue. Doing so will only hurt Pig players not trying to cheese the timer.

    Perfect example is the emblem penalty for being near hook. There are plenty of situations where you can end up hovering around hook but someone who chooses to camp over this doesn't care if they lose points. The change only harms legitimate players.


    I agree with OP about the End Game collapse timer

    Pig's RBT's now lack that same feeling EGC needs which is a sense of urgency.

    I agree with mostly everything else for the most part tbh

  • Dwight_ConfusionDwight_Confusion Member Posts: 1,640

    Yeah I really feel like you and I, and a lot of others get it. Nerfing things because of a potential outcry is just silly.

    They should hire me as a consultant. Just give me free DLCs and I'll give them my very best opinion lol. j/k

    I feel like I see things clearly. Nerfing something so hard over a EGC, and/or because a hatch close is just crazy I think.

  • xllxENIGMAxllxxllxENIGMAxllx Member Posts: 923

    @Dwight_Confusion i agree with you on Remember me , EGC and some of legions feedback but let's start bit by bit.

    The Legion

    The increased terror radius show survivors from further because killer instinct is based on terror radius. I agree with you that he should remain at 24m but in frenzy he should increase to 32m. Pallet/hit drain should be removed , fatigue reverted , recharge rate/ full gauge reverted. Legion should be able to run on the map often to put pressure except with frank's mix tape, Legion is a killer that slow down the game by hitting with deep wounds to slow the game down just a lil bit.

    Thanatophobia shine for a reason with him but his power is non-lethal so he should get his power often to run though the map like billy do with his power but with a duration and fatigue.



    i agree with you timer is way too long 1.5m - 1.3m should be enough and keeping the slowing timer once you downed/hook the survivors.


    Remember me

    Yes you are totally right remember me change is dumb. Even worse with the gates opening nerf. i mean RM is a perk that no good players/high ranks play.


    Pig and coldwind farm change

    Nothing to say here for coldwind farm they are great in my opinion. Pig change however should be reverted and affected by hatch too.


    Additionnal feedback for live version.

    • Increase controller sensibility for better/smoother camera control ( nurse mostly).
    • Corn fields are issues for killers.
    • Buff base clown and trapper.

  • ReikoMoriReikoMori Member Posts: 1,308

    Since you have not played the ptb changes for Legion you've got no firsthand experience of how the changes actually feel.

    Vaulting is sluggish and animates weirdly due to the speed decrease. Feral Frenzy as a way to stall the game is not functional or fun currently. The mend time is short and the Terror Radius changes mixed with the Deep Wound changes means at no point is the survivor actually pressured by potential bleedout. The addons are a mixed bag of good and bad. Frank's mixtape isn't really useful without Stab Wound Study and is the only way to forcibly remove time left till bleedout. The base movement speed increase is a good change. There are no speed increasing frenzy addons. Legion is hardcapped as far as Frenzy is concerned and with the right setup of perks could end up walking as fast as he runs now. The pins are cool ideas as they apply 60sec status effects of broken, mangled, or blindness. Problem is the status effects don't apply until you frenzy attack someone twice.

    A large amount of time is spent with your power on recharge as just about every action or interaction drains half or all of the power gauge. Legion can't frenzy when the gauge partially full anymore. Only when fully charged can you active your power, but it has 20sec recharge time. It lasts longer than the previous default, but the extended stun, slower run and vault speed and instant cancel on miss is harsh. Lockers currently hard counter frenzy as Legion can't open lockers in frenzy anymore so now the locker juke is a guaranteed 4sec stun Legion has to take.

    There are more issues, but I'll stop here and just say that. Legion's not in a good place and videos alone won't show you that.

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