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Design | Dedicated Servers Infrastructure PTB

not_Queennot_Queen Administrator, Dev, Community Manager Posts: 1,014
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Dedicated servers are now enabled on the PTB. This marks the first public test of dedicated servers. In order to assess how the system scales with the number of players online, this initial test will be limited to approximately 500 players per data center at any given time.

If your region is currently full, you will receive the following error message when attempting to join a match: 

If this happens, you may want to wait a short amount of time before trying again. Spaces will open as existing matches come to an end, allowing new matches to be created.  


If you were already on the Player Test Build, you will need to update to the latest version (2.7.0a) to access the dedicated servers matchmaking. After the players have installed the 2.7.0a version, dedicated servers will be turned on in the backend and will not need any further update.


Our objective with this first dedicated servers PTB is to test our infrastructures and observe how they handle a large amount of players. Players will see some gameplay / technical issues and this test will not reflect the final version of the game on dedicated servers. If you have any feedback or issues regarding dedicated servers, please use the following subforum: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/categories/dedicated-servers-feedback 

How to join the Player Test Build


Player test build patch notes (2.7.0a)


More information on dedicated servers


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