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Remember Me Nerfed To The Ground

FeleasFeleas Member Posts: 85

It's almost half of what it used to delay gate opening for. It's like opening a gate with the Live's Remember Me lvl 1, which most Killers skip using until they have lvl 3 Remember Me.

Not to mention you dropped the charges you gain down to 4, making it so weak. It was more fair and challenging by having more charges needed for full delay for the Killers, and better counter player for Survivors by the obsession(s) avoiding getting hit. It's way too easy to get full charges now, but those said charges provide a MAX of only 16 seconds to gate opening, that's only 31 seconds! Way too short compared to before.

If people complain saying it's to make up for the 3 minute timer for Endgame, keep in mind that it's SLOWED if someone is Dying or Hooked, and you still have over 2 minutes to open the damn gate even if the PTB's Remember Me was same as Live's Remember Me. Which is completely fair and just means Survivors should spent less time trolling the Killer and more time getting the hell out of the match.


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