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Revisit Deep Wound

FeleasFeleas Member Posts: 85
edited April 2019 in Gameplay Feedback

With the changes to how Deep Wound works, I think it's about time the Devs revisit how removing Deep Wounds works. As a disclaimer I think they should keep the changes to what they did to Deep Wound status affect.

Now, what I'm trying to say is that Mending to stop Deep Wounds should NOT stop the progress timer, this is a risk on a Survivor's part, but a fair one since they have their timer completely stopped while within the Killer's radius, even when not in chase. This means that they can mend completely with 0% to their timer while in the radius.

The other is that if the timer for Deep Wounds reaches 0, then the Survivor should be put in Dying State, and not simply stop progressing while they're performing the mend action. Reason for this is because if the Survivor is found by the Killer there's still perfectly safe from Deep Wounds as they're in the terror radius.

So to recap:

1) Progress should continue while performing Mend action while outside the Terror Radius.

2) Survivor should be brought to Dying State in failing to complete the Mend action even while still performing the Mend action.

Personally I think this is fair as with how Deep Wounds currently is, it's even more underwhelming than initially released in Live.

PS: As a bonus, which I doubt they'll do it, but make Mend finally count as a healing action, allowing for perks like Nurse's Calling to take effect.


  • EmealEmeal Member Posts: 194

    I agree, Deep Wound should be a danger instead of a simple time waster, but that would totally [BAD WORD] over most survivors who can't deal with it.

    But Legion is gonna be the master of Non-Lethal wounds for a while now, until they address our grievances.

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