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Dedicated servers are laggy

So i tested the new dedicated servers.

First i live in germany Hamburg and the german servers are located in Frankfurt and the other EU servers are located in London.

To the Frankfurt servers i have 30 ping. (in other games which also have servers in Frankfurt i have less ping)

To the London servers i have 60 ping.

Also my internet connection is stable.

How do the servers perform ingame?

On Frankfurt servers you allways feel some noticable input lag but it gets much worse sometimes when you out of nowhere suddenly have bigger lags and then the game SPEEDS UP for a while. This is VERY BAD and should never happen.

It makes you miss and especially if you blink or use mobility abilitys in that time it completly messes up everything and can let the survivor get away with you having 0 idea where he is cause you get teleported around not from your blink but from the server.

On London servers the input lag is way more noticable but the Frankfurt servers are allready bad.

Now if you compare that with other games like CS:GO or Overwatch where i not only have less ping (same server location) but NO NOTICABLE INPUT LAG AT ALL and no teleportation i can honestly say the DbD servers are very bad and need a lot of improvement before they can go live.

If not improved significantly it would be much better to keep the peer to peer system.


  • CrythorCrythor Member Posts: 272

    It might say the ping is low with 30 or 60 BUT it dosent feel anything like that ping it feels more like constant 200+ with weird lags and speed up after wards additionally to random teleporting you and the survivors around if you are killer and the same if you are a survivor.

  • SpeedyBoiSpeedyBoi Member Posts: 2
    edited November 9

    Same i'm running resolution on 60 with my quality on low, and mind you i'm running and alien ware. How, how am I still teleporting everywhere?

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