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What is wrong with the pig?

A lot of feedback "return traps in the endgame." I suspect this is a killer review, it is unlikely the survivor will ask for it. Let's think about the balance, because we all want it. Let's say the end of the game began (this is 2 minutes). And then the pig caught the survivor, wore a trap, and hung on the hook. And now the question is: what chance that the comrades will take off, the rhinestone, that the killer will not be nearby, that the survivor will find the right box, that the pig will not interfere with the search for the key (and it will be 100%), and that there will be no add-on for increasing the boxes, and the complexity of the search? And then you have to safely escape. And this is all in two minutes.


  • JudithJudith Member Posts: 819

    The problem is they need to buff her somewhere else. You can't just nerf already weak killer without any compensation.

  • Master_Bad_GuyMaster_Bad_Guy Member Posts: 100

    If you want traps at the end of the game, then it may be worth amending that the first box gives a 100% chance of finding the key, and it does not waste time on it. Just ran to the nearest one and immediately took it off. Naturally, only in the endgame. I wonder if the killers would like such changes in their traps?

  • Master_Bad_GuyMaster_Bad_Guy Member Posts: 100

    Nobody killed the killer. Just change the tactics of the game.

  • JudithJudith Member Posts: 819

    Nah they nerfed her without giving her anything.

  • Master_Bad_GuyMaster_Bad_Guy Member Posts: 100

    What is the nerf? Just traps do not work during the endgame. Nothing has changed, wear traps in other times

  • JudithJudith Member Posts: 819
    edited April 2019

    If you never played her it might seem that way to you. But most of her power came from those end game styles. If you take something like that from the killer that is already weak you just make them even more weak. I don't say I disagree with the change since it was kinda neccesary because of the egc but she is at the bad place now.

  • Master_Bad_GuyMaster_Bad_Guy Member Posts: 100
    edited April 2019

    I played for her, and never got hung up on the end of the game. If you let the survivors start the generators, then no traps will hold them for long. You are just now thinking, “I’m going to have traps, and H, and the endgame, time is short. I’ll make an ambush near the box, I’ll wait for someone to come running.”

  • ReikoMoriReikoMori Member Posts: 2,152
    edited April 2019

    Endgame pig has been the predominate strategy since she came to the game. Her traps are meant to slow players down to stall the game, but the game is by default really fast most of the time. Also, she's not particularly good the things that give killers a strong early or mid game. In the Endgame she could use traps to give more delay so she could make the most of the things she is good at.

    The EGC clearly doesn't mesh well with that because it gives her more power than she probably needs, but the changes to traps didn't only hurt her endgame, but her early and mid game as well. The traps being affected by TR instead of chase means that the pig is having to chose between staying crouched a great deal of the time which slows her down or standing up losing any real threat from her trap's countdown.

    Mental pressure accounted for a lot of how the pig made survivors make punishable mistakes, but that's weakened now. The only sort of positive she got from the change was that the TR and traps interact in such a was as to give her psuedo-Whispers perk. For some people that is great, but for those who preferred the endgame style it doesn't really help them as much. There are also the issues that her addons have been hurt. Tampered Timer isn't got the same value it used to as now the time will halt far easier due of being TR related. A halted timer gives the survivor back any time taken away by this addon. The original traps were also designed as a deterrent to keep survivors from trying to make hasty exits, but was already hampered by the escape hatch. Now you've got to burn your traps much earlier and remember the Pig at her heart is an M1 killer with all the weaknesses of an m1 killer. The devs said they will watch how things play out with her, but unless they see something substantially wrong happening she's stuck in a weird place. Killers are starting to lose power, but more importantly depth of play when it comes to styles of play. Players are getting fenced in towards one or two styles of play and that's it.

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  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 6,807

    @ReikoMori they reverted the TR thing

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 11,974

    "Nothing has changed" is just objectively wrong.

    I'm gonna vouch for pausing the EGC timer as long as someone is wearing an RBT. That way, there is NO worry about someone wearing an RBT having to worry about not having enough time to search the boxes, free themself from the trap, and then making their escape. Someone convince me that it wouldn't be a better change for the Pig than what we currently have in the PTB.

  • MarcavecuncMarcavecunc Member Posts: 1,764

    ######### no, that ruins the entire point of the whole collapse system.

  • bubbascalbubbascal Member Posts: 318
    edited April 2019

    I'm a bit tired so maybe this is a dumb suggestion... but what if a RBT caused the collapse timer to slow down by half, stacking with downed Survivor slowdown?

  • MarcavecuncMarcavecunc Member Posts: 1,764

    Not a dumb suggestion, it's one I saw a few times and one I made myself, too. If they reverted Amanda as she was before, and just treated the trap the same as a wounded or hooked survivor in terms of slowing down the collapse timer, I'd be happy with it.

  • Master_Bad_GuyMaster_Bad_Guy Member Posts: 100

    @ReikoMori I understand that developers are striving for balance. The pig you describe will not stand a chance on a counter game

  • blue4zionblue4zion Member Posts: 2,417

    They HAD to adjust them for the collapse, but they need to compensate and buff her elsewhere because she already wasn't high tier and this technically was a nerf.

  • PigMainBigBrainPigMainBigBrain Member Posts: 1,809

    Honestly, they just saved our ass by reverting the terror radius change (thank ######### god).

    If this end game is going to be a thing. I got a few ideas that still fit within the theme of the movie that can still provide her some threat when she has left over traps.

    I'll post it in a bit. We are pig mains.....we gots the BIGGEST BRAINS!

  • MistressCharaMistressChara Member Posts: 112

    It would be a better change but it still wouldn't be a good change.

  • se05239se05239 Member Posts: 3,919

    The developers decided to nuke Pig into the ground because of rare fringe cases where a survivor might risk dying in the End-Game Collapse due to a trap.

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 2,463

    Theoretically sloppy butcher and thanatophobia AT 4 STACKS plus SELFCARE migthve been too long healing times with selfcare. Thus nerf thanatophobia.

    RBT wasted time by negating escapes in endgame, now they do nothing. Same thing.

    We didnt even get to test it it, they rather preemptively nerf it.

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 11,974
    edited April 2019

    If a Pig is using Traps on people after the Exit Gates are powered (in the live game, not the PTB), they are trying to prolong the game anyways, which runs contrary to the point of the Endgame Collapse fundamentally. Between having the Endgame Collapse death timer pausing while someone has a Trap on and the current change in the PTB where Pig loses all her remaining traps once the last Gen pops, it's obvious to me that I would rather have the EGC timer pause so I can keep the game from ending.

    Again, why is this not a better change than the change that is currently in the PTB? Like, really think about it.

    That's fine for when there are multiple players left during EGC, but not fine when the EGC starts because the Pig closes the Hatch on the last Survivor. If they intend to slow down the EGC timer while someone is wearing a Reverse Bear Trap, there needs to be something else implemented for the last Survivor specifically IMO. I only vouch for the pause because it solves the problem for both multiple Survivors powering the last Gen and one Survivor having the Hatch closed on them while still giving people who don't care about saving their RBTs for the Endgame their Endgame Collapse. All that being said, I'd still obviously massively prefer having the EGC timer slow down over the Pig's traps being rendered useless during the Endgame.

  • Hector100803Hector100803 Member Posts: 7

    Hey man, why don't you send your ideas to @Peanits , he usually reads/responds to messages on his profile.

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