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Saw Theme playing while Reverse Bear Trap timer is activated

MrCandyKillerMrCandyKiller Member Posts: 41
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A month ago I had an idea, that it would be cool if Saw Theme (Hello Zepp) would play when RBT timer was activated. It would give a pleasant climate playing against Amanda. I even created a video showing, how could it sounds like. I was planning to post this on forum after creating video but I was too lazy and then on PTB, developers changed that RBT timer stops whenever you're in Amanda's terror radius BUT luckily they said that they won't apply this change on normal servers after PTB is over [bcs ppl weren't happy about it (I'm one of those ppl :P)]. The whole idea of this wouldn't make any sense, so I'm posting it now. I also want to say that I'm not the best in editing. Sure they are many people who would do this better, but it's just and idea how I would like to see it. About the video: Only survivor with trap on thier head can hear this special music, after RBT was activated. Every time timer stops (survivor is back in chase with the killer again) Hello Zepp stops playing and we hear normal chase music until killer lose us. Saw Theme will end playing when survivor dies through the trap or if he manages to free himself from it. In video I showed Hello Zepp playing while using two different addons that increase/reduce trap time to explode (Tampered Timer, Jigsaw's Annotated Plan) and without any addons. Chase with the killer is also shown in video. I know that license for Saw music isn't cheap, but maybe one day DBD devs will got their hands on it.


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  • ChesterTheMolesterChesterTheMolester Member Posts: 2,771

    I suggested this as well, it'd be quite awesome.

  • AlphaJacksonAlphaJackson Member Posts: 625

    +1 times infinity, would love it even more if the theme played for Pigggy too.

  • ApeOfMazorApeOfMazor Member Posts: 471

    This is the buff pig needs.

  • ProtectDwightProtectDwight Member Posts: 46

    I would actually really like this, both as a killer and a survivor. Maybe the sound shouldn't be high enough to be too distracting, so you can still hear vital information but god I love that SAW tune. I would want to have a activated trap on my head just to hear that tune go off haha!

  • Tzeentchling9Tzeentchling9 Member Posts: 1,796

    It is a cool idea, but the problem is getting the rights to the music is probably different/separate from getting the rights to the character.

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