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New Discord DBD Community

kasidikasidi Member Posts: 1

Dead By Daylight | CWF (Chat With Friends) ( )

Created: 4/27/19

The server is still being set up with voice channels and proper text chats, but it should be done by the end of today. It is a very small server as of right now, but feel free to invite your friends so it can grow!

What does the server offer?

  • Dedicated killer and survivor roles (letting others know who and how you play)
  • Meme channels
  • Self-promo for social medias (but not other discords)
  • SWF and KYF voice chats
  • Bots related to DBD (providing updates), and music/memes

It is not a strict server, but there are some basic rules! Don't be afraid to join and introduce yourself. :)

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