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2mins is a WHOLE LOT BETTER than 3!

deathsiadeathsia Member Posts: 250

Just played my first match as survivor on the PTB and wow, the tension was awesome! When that timer hit 30 seconds I genuinely panicked as I didn't know where the exit gates were and made it out with 5 seconds to spare!XD

When it was 3mins, there was like no worry for me, I had plenty of time to search but with a mere 2mins it REALLY ups the tension as you see that bar wilt away REALLY FAST!XD


  • Cpt_VunderbarCpt_Vunderbar Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 53

    It's definitely better, but I'd like to test a 1:30 timer, as well as a version of the 2 minute timer with no slowdown for downing and hooking survivors, as it feels unnecessary and just makes it feel like a 3 minute timer again. That, and it discourages Killers to go after survivors during the end game which seems counterproductive.

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