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What is your go-to perk?

drunky26drunky26 Member Posts: 658

A perk you always use in every build.

Perk you don't play without.



  • ChiChi Member Posts: 748


    I can do without an exhaustion perk (I don't count Adrenaline as one.), but I don't feel secure without Adrenaline.

  • WaffleFalafelWaffleFalafel Member Posts: 286

    Kindred. As a solo survivor, it's just in case of camping. Situational I know, but I'm glad to waste a perk slot to prevent the frustration of stupid teammates.

  • Saint_UkraineSaint_Ukraine Member Posts: 939

    Botany Knowledge. I hate slow heals more than anything.

  • PoweasPoweas Member Posts: 4,490
    edited April 28

    Iron Will. I need this because I don't run Self care.

  • RainyAnjelRainyAnjel Member Posts: 65

    Balanced landing. I cannot go through a game without this perk, considering how many haddonfield and game maps I get. I like being able to sprint burst away and I like to know WHEN im using it.

  • PeasantPeasant Member Posts: 3,430

    I'm with @TreemanXD Spine Chill is NOT a teachable so it's fairly easy to get early on and after the perk consistency changes it's a solid pick across all tiers.

  • TheluckyboiTheluckyboi Member Posts: 1,098

    Dead Hard, extremely useful against any killer

    Also because daddy David is my second favorite character

  • JudithJudith Member Posts: 819

    Ruin (to slow the game down "just a lil bit" :D)

    Windows of opportunity.

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 2,649

    Quick and Quiet

  • PoweasPoweas Member Posts: 4,490

    @NuclearBurrito I can never seem to get proper plays with it, killers always see through it, or I forget I got it.

  • MushwinMushwin Member Posts: 2,100

    Urban Invasion, i fricken hate crouching and moving slow! lol

  • JoannaVOJoannaVO Member Posts: 735

    Borrowed Time, reasons should be obvious by now

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 2,649

    @Poweas Honestly it doesn't really work THAT well for me either. But that doesn't stop me from trying more than I really should

  • OverpoweredSoapOverpoweredSoap Member Posts: 1

    For any character I don't have exhaustion perks on yet (because the blood web hates me) lightweight is an absolute godsend. It helps when breaking LoS on a lot of maps when you drop a pallet or looping through jungle gyms.

  • George_SorosGeorge_Soros Member Posts: 2,271

    We're Gonna Live Forever. I still got four characters I want to P3 and get all perks for.

  • Hoodedfengm1nHoodedfengm1n Member Posts: 4,570

    I will cheat the rules and do 3

    Hope, Flip-Flop, autodidact

  • LirulinielLiruliniel Member Posts: 305

    I like running Alert the amount of information I get from it is amazing. Though I can run any perk build.

  • legion_mainlegion_main Member Posts: 483


    A must have perk I feel especially at higher ranks

  • Shad03Shad03 Member Posts: 3,571


  • ShrekIsHotShrekIsHot Member Posts: 1,603

    Prove Thyself for Survivor.

    Barbecue and Chili for Killer.

  • KillermainBTWm8KillermainBTWm8 Member Posts: 2,519

    Dead Hard it's my crutch perk

    As for killer I would say BBQ for blood points.

  • vampire_toothyvampire_toothy Member Posts: 312

    Deliverance. It's very nice to know that I can save another teammate and then be rewarded with being able to unhook myself especially under the event where my teammates are at the other side of the map doing literally nothing.

  • ArcticKarma77ArcticKarma77 Member Posts: 8

    Dance With Me. It's actually really underrated in my opinion and its saved me so many times. That and its super satisfying watching the killer wander off in a different direction.

  • T0xicTylerT0xicTyler Member Posts: 413

    Iron Will because Self-Care is trash.

  • tgrabtgrab Member Posts: 48

    Adrenalin always comes in useful for me and borrowed for those filthy filthy facecampers.

  • ZhyiarZhyiar Member Posts: 3

    Iron Will is all I need, lmao.

  • MystiKasTMystiKasT Member Posts: 289

    Survivor - spine chill

    Koller - Bbq

  • Toxicity23Toxicity23 Member Posts: 233
    edited May 1

    Literally, one of any Exhaustion Perks (If I had the teachable versions.) I am NOT very good in chases, and I'd very much love it to escape faster.

    As for Killer, I don't have one yet.

  • ElkElk Member Posts: 405

    Borrowed Time

    It helps so much. I kind of feel guilty if i don't have it so all of my survivors have it in their line-up.

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