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What keeps you playing this game?

The question is the title. For me, it's just that i get hyped up for new updates. I also have a lot of fun when games go normally. Ex: no dc or trolls. Usually if i have a bad day and games do not go my way, i will stop playing for a while. But not forever... this game is simply addicting.


  • MonsterInMyMindMonsterInMyMind Member Posts: 1,897
    edited April 2019

    To be honest there's no other game like this that is what has kept me hooked this long.

  • GenSim12345GenSim12345 Member Posts: 182

    Besides the fact that this game has core gameplay that is addicting in of itself despite its terrible balance?

    I made the mistake of buying DLC. And now it would feel pretty hard for me to leave without making me feel like i wasted my time/money.

  • PoweasPoweas Member Posts: 5,873


    Her bugs almost drove me away, until I found out it's just bugs.

    Hag too.

    And Kate. Kate definitely keeps me 'interested' in DBD.

  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member Posts: 14,112

    I honestly don’t know what keeps me playing but, I love the game and don’t think I’ll be quitting for awhile.

  • legion_mainlegion_main Member Posts: 483


    I like to run in circles and make the killer mad

  • Free_HugsFree_Hugs Member Posts: 299

    Nothing. I haven't played more than a game or two for a couple months.

    Hoping that changes, but PTB isn't looking bright.

  • HavelmomDaS1HavelmomDaS1 Member Posts: 1,948


  • IhatelifeIhatelife Member Posts: 5,069


  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 12,513

    Getting kills with Devour Hope.

  • ChiChi Member Posts: 774

    Outplaying my opponent really.

    Looping, mind games, I am here for it all.

  • 53nation53nation Member Posts: 608

    Addicting gameplay.

    Not knowing what the next round holds.

    Practicing to improve at the opposite job.

    A feeling of progression when a trophy pops that u forgot existed.

    The ever so satisfying 4k.

    The indecisiveness the bp grid can provide when u need a lot.

    Finding the hatch before it opens.

    Fun game i just can't play it more than 2-3x a week cause it makes me crazy.

  • Slaughterhouse3Slaughterhouse3 Member Posts: 377

    Game is not perfect but who cares? It's a lot of fun and in my opinion that is all that matters :D the only thing that annoys me is when people go overboard and cry about losing lol

  • OblitiryOblitiry Member Posts: 487

    I like butts. Plus the world BHVR has created is pretty cool to me. the killers are my favorite aspect of it.

  • ABannedCatABannedCat Member Posts: 2,482

    Its a nice game to live out my sado-maso fantasies.

  • KilmeranKilmeran Member Posts: 2,904

    Honestly? Because right now I am a bit burned-out on Overwatch and Paladins, and shooters in general. When I'm not, DbD is very much just an occasional side game.

  • lasombra1979lasombra1979 Member Posts: 1,142

    I enjoy it. Its a simple concept, fun to play, and a decent way to release some aggressions (in a non toxic, completely fun for all players involved way)

  • ChickenChicken Member Posts: 123


  • JoannaVOJoannaVO Member Posts: 747

    This is the only game I have played for over 4,000 hours and that I do still somewhat enjoy. Despite the bugs and frustrating moments I'll always return. Why? No idea. I think I just like survival more than I thought I did.

  • PluPlu Member Posts: 1,208

    Legion's gameplay as in " I run around the map like a maniac to stab people because it's more fun than actually getting kills"

    Also Susie because she's the cutest thing after Amanda's stun sounds.

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