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every thing wrong with dead by daylight

  1. Hit boxes. We all know it's not lag at this point there is something very wrong with them on the killer side and survivor side.
  2. Gen-rush is a major problem in dbd you cant even chase one survivor because you have to go check all the gens and if you do chase and down them 3 gens pop when they get hooked i'm looking at you swf.
  3. Bugs. The amount of bugs almost makes the game unplayable the dc'ing bug when getting into a game, the dc'ing bug when in a game, vaulting bug, menu bugs, animation bugs, sound bugs and map and texture bugs. if the game was not so addicting everybody would have left.
  4. Low tier killers and high tier killers. You should not have to play a certain killer to always get a 4k my favourite killer is the plague but she gets gen-rushed so easily and if no one uses the fountains she doesn't even have a power she's like a worse trapper. All killers should be buffed to billy's level and nurse should be nerfed down to billy's level.
  5. The toxic player base. The amount of people that flashlight spam, teabag and abuse you in chat for no reason. I hate these kind of players they don't take the game seriously they exploit bugs for the fun of it and are just bad teammates.
  6. Overall balance. the game is pretty balanced when the killers and survivors don't use offerings, items, add-ons, and perks but it's the messed up perks, items, offerings, and add-ons that unbalance the game. such as ebony-mori, super fast toolbox worse with swf, noed, mettal of man, insta-hatchet, insta-saw, insta-clown, and insta-heal. Also what map you play on can make a big difference for killer and survivor like lerys and the game are great maps for stealth killers like pig, Myers, and wraith. while others like coldwind, autoheavan, and Macmillan etc are golden for survivors. Not to mention some of these maps still have infinite's.
  7. Ranking. I have been in rank 1 before and sometimes i feel like i'm in rank 20 still, mostly on the survivor side i get matched with potato teammates that don't do gens and just urban around the map and get down strait away when in a chase. And when i play killer i get super toxic swf with toolboxes, insta-heals, etc in conclusion i see a lot of players in rank 1 and other ranks that are not meant to be there.

I think the devs just need to try and fix all the bugs and stuff and i know there probably working very hard to give us new cosmetics and dlc's while also fixing the game but it would be nice once dedicated servers come to fix all the issues and then give us new stuff like 2v8 game mode.


  • ClogWenchClogWench Member Posts: 2,583

    8. No shirtless Dwight cosmetic

  • JudithJudith Member Posts: 819

    So no 4k every game=unviable killer?

  • danielbird11danielbird11 Member Posts: 149

    No i mean that killers like hillbilly and nurse can 4k easily if there good while killers like plague and freddy have to try harder. Even when people play billy and nurse they don't always 4k there not unviable just harder to play.

  • tt_ivi_99tt_ivi_99 Member Posts: 1,463

    1: Hitboxes are not a problem, the problem is that people think things like windows and pallets are save spots and that's not the case. If you know how hitbox works you can even mess up the hit detection in an open place.

    2: The problem with gen rush is that it's too save to sit down and do a gen the hole game. Devs need to rework It so that survivors have to find parts of the gens around the map and use them to repair them, that way people would spend time going from point A to point B and they would also heal because it would be more risky.

    3: Nothing to say about this, it needs fixing.

    4: I feel like when gen rush is not a thing anymore some characters will become viable but right now it's stupid that you have to play 2 killers if you want to be competitive. It's the main reason why Im not playing the game that much anymore, we have 14 killers but you only see 2 of them most of the time, everyone wants diversity but when the devs have the chance to make strong killers like Plague and Legion/Pig 2.7.0 they decide to keep them mid tier or even nerf them... Meanwhile the playerbase gets boring to play against and as the same 2 characters all day...

    5: People are toxic because they know they are facing a weak killer, I've never faced a single survivor who has teabagged or flashlight my Billy and that's because Billy is an actual threat. Once more killers are strong you'll see a drop in toxicity.

    6: That's the point of perks and offerings. Those things are supposed to give you an advantage over your opponent and also add different playstyles, otherwise the game would get boring very fast. The problem is that some things like MoM or Ebony Mori (once gen rush is no more) require nothing to be activated and are super powerful. Take Adrenaline for example, that perk is the definition of strong and balanced, It requires that you stay alive the hole match so that it can be activated, therefore It rewards you if you are winning. And dont say Adrenaline is not balanced because that's not true, gen rush is the problem and that's what makes it so powerful right now.

    7: Rank system is a joke and It only serves the purpose of "matching you with people as skilled as you are" because It doesnt give you anything else, there's no reward if you want to rank up. If that's the only purpose it serves then It would be better that matchmaking worked based on hours played and completely remove rank system. At least if you are a player with 2000+hours in game you'll be in the same lobby as someone with the same amount of hours played... Right now a guy with 300h can be playing with/against someone with 2000h because rank doesnt serve no purpose.

    The other alternative is to make Devotion something useful and make it so that matchmaking only makes you play with people who have the same Devotion as you. For example:

    - Devotion 0-1 is newbies zone.

    - Devotion 1-2 is experienced zone.

    -Devotion 3+ is veteran zone.

    This would help the devs to balance the game way better and would also stop the de-ranking problem.

  • JimsalabimJimsalabim Member Posts: 641

    in other words: devs should concentrate on the core problems of the game instead of binch releasing dlcs. Or in other words go for long term profit in stead of the steady short term.

  • KilmeranKilmeran Member Posts: 3,077
    edited April 2019

    @tt_ivi_99 Actually, the rank system doesn't even serve that purpose because of chronic deranking. Someone might be a legitimate Rank 10 in skill, but just as likely will face deranked "red rank" players with much greater skills because of the deranking problem.

    The entire concept of "rank" in this game is broken beyond repair. The system needs to be scrapped and something different implemented. Maybe a hidden MMR system. There are too many factors in DbD that make it a poor choice for a competitive-ranked game. Just use hidden MMR and be done with it.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 13,573

    I'm pretty sure they already know what's wrong.

    The question is: Will Mcote view it as an issue so that they're allowed to fix them? 🤣

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