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Killer couldn't pick me up

FemFem Member Posts: 19

This is a poor and rushed bug report, pardon me.

I don't know the name of it, but in this map, if you are downed near this rock in this exact spot, the killer is unable to pick you up.

At first I thought the killer didn't want to pick me up as he came up to me, paced around a bit and then left. Though I have to say, judging from what I saw, at this point it was pretty clear something was wrong. I stayed near the same rock and after getting healed, the killer downed me again so I went to the same spot to make sure it was indeed a glitch. The killer tried to pick me up but couldn't. Pacing around me like he did before. After about 15 seconds when I was positive it was a bug, I moved so the killer could hook me and sacrifice me.

When the game ended, the killer was accusing me of knowing about this and abusing it. But I didn't know about it, and only did it twice to make sure it was a glitch. I think he reported me for it, which I'm a bit concerned about, but not so much.

Video of the spot and map below. It's short and doesn't show the killer trying to pick me up. Stupid of me to not take a longer and better clip of the situation, sorry about that.

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