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Deep Wound - Boring

RaccoonRaccoon Member Posts: 2,759

As it is right now, Deep Wound is a very mild inconvenience.

Is there any way to make it more threatening and/or dynamic in a balanced way?


  • BiaNoYamiBiaNoYami Member Posts: 24

    With all these changes, the Deep Wound status effect has gotten basically useless. BHVR could've just as well removed it from the game entirely. There'd barely be a difference.

    The timer pauses whenever a survivor is in the Legion's Terror Radius (note that it has been increased from 24 to 32m now as well), and also while a survivor is mending.

    And if you have a Deep Wound on you, one of these will always be the case: you are either still chased and thus still inside the Terror Radius, or you've gotten away and found a spot (usually out of the TR) to mend. But even if you are about to be found again... that means you are again in the TR, too - mending or not. In each of these situations, the timer does not run out. And Feral Frenzy hits don't reduce it anymore, either. Except if you're using the new Frank's Mix Tape (if I remember correctly; correct me if I'm wrong).

    There is no real opportunity for the timer to tick down. The Deep Wound poses no threat like this. I mostly play survivor and I never saw a reason for changing the Deep Wound effect like this; in my opinion it was okay the way it was.

    Or am I forgetting a crucial point here that negates my points?

  • ShrekIsHotShrekIsHot Member Posts: 3,113

    I'm sure getting Chainsaw'd by Hillbilly is boring too as you die quick, unless you know how to invade, just different play styles. It's meant as a stalling mechanic so you don't do gens and heal and all.

  • RaccoonRaccoon Member Posts: 2,759

    Trying to evade Billy's saw is a lot more exciting than holding M1 to heal DW.

    Have you ever seen anyone go down to DW on the PTB?

    There's a real reason why no one ever goes down from it.

  • DemonDaddyDemonDaddy Member Posts: 1,486

    Its effect is copy & pasted as a survivor perk. Even with live version never have I thought " oh no i have dw status ". Its sad to say, but its a joke survivors are perfectly comfortable with.

  • BiaNoYamiBiaNoYami Member Posts: 24
    edited May 2019

    The Deep Wound effect is indeed a stalling mechanic, made to waste survivors' time. I don't see why it shouldn't also pose an actual threat, though. It's about high time Deep Wound got significantly more dangerous instead of turned into even more of a joke.

    That actually goes for the Legion in general.

    Salty survivors b*tch around and BM far too much in those regards; I think they should be given an opportunity to show how awesome they really are by finally encountering something they actually need to be cautious of.

    I am not even that experienced myself yet as someone who mostly plays survivor, still I never felt the Legion were an extraordinary problem. Not even for a single minute of each of the many Legion encounters I had. In fact, I find Legion matchups most fun. I love the thrill when they Frenzy-chase me. I could do that all day.

    In terms of changes... I can understand that the moonwalk exploit many high-ranked players committed (because sh*t like this just doesn't happen in low/medium ranks, at least I've never seen it there) had to be addressed. The same goes for looking at the ground while you're chasing a survivor with Deep Wound; that also stops the chase so the timer keeps ticking down. They added the timer pause now while the survivor is inside the Terror Radius, because of those situations. And that is good.

    Movement and Frenzy speed is another thing I think is reasonable to address and debate over. Personally I love this aspect and I think it's characteristic for them, but I also get it when others feel it might be too much. Changes about that have also been made, which is okay. With the increased Frenzy duration in mind I wouldn't even have minded if they kept their 110% base movement speed.

    However, many other changes — e.g. pausing the Deep Wound timer while mending, increased Frenzy fatigue duration, slow vaults, complete Frenzy gauge depletion (instead of just 50%) after a single missed hit, complete Frenzy gauge depletion when getting pallet-stunned even when you are not in Frenzy, while 100% of the gauge is needed to activate the power in the first place, etc. pp. — were unnecessary, and I don't understand how these are helpful. Except for a certain group of survivors, obviously, for whom things can never be easy enough. Even the slightest bit of resistance is frowned upon, after all. And I'm waiting for demands from them to the devs to remove all killers, honestly.

    I wouldn't even be surprised.

    Sorry for the bold words, but I've honestly lost all my patience for entitled survivor brats who constantly complain. I don't feel like playing nice anymore. Particularly when it comes to things about the Legion - who were never that much of a problem if it weren't for scummy players who exploit certain game mechanics and play unfairly. The Legion's greatest forte is injuring people and buying themselves time through it. But their downing/killing potential is weak and nothing to whine about if you know what to do.

    All that said... I pretty much digressed from the original Deep Wound topic, didn't I? Oops. My bad.

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