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Any plan to fix Dark Devotion like Mettle of Man ?

Lucky57Lucky57 Member Posts: 11

Hello !

Since Mettle of Man has been fixed in the PTB and now works with nurse's hits after blinks, wouldn't it be fair to make the same with Dark Devotion ?

I mean, both descriptions say "basic attack" and in the PTB patch note, it is clearly stated that they "Fixed an issue that caused The Nurse blink hits not to count towards Mettle of Man hits." so I can only assume it's a bug for DD too...

Anyway, I'd be curious to see what people thinks of it and maybe know if it is intended to work like this or if it actually is the same kind of bug than Mettle of Man.


  • bendermacbendermac Member Posts: 485

    DD needs a time adjustment. 20 seconds is very low. Bump it at least to 30 or better 40 seconds. Then this perk can be really fun and useful.

    On top of the fix, of course ;)

  • Lucky57Lucky57 Member Posts: 11

    yeah, 20 seconds is usually not enough to hit obsession and check more than one generator sadly... But I think it would be a bit too strong if it was a longer timer :/ (imagine this on a silent spirit w/ring add-on or an omega blink nurse).

    Maybe make the cooldown 25 seconds and not 30 could help there, using it more often to put some more pressure on survivors.

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