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A new way to measure for the emblem system

Recently I played a game in which my teammates, and we were 4, just made a generator. I wish I could see a repetition of what they did, I can not imagine what they did, one was at least being chased, and when the chased man was hanged, another would be saved. But what about the fourth member who did nothing from the beginning? What happens to the third member who went to save him while the hanged man was being chased? Even for you to get a better idea of the game, there was no ruin, so there was no need to waste time looking for the totem.

Well, as it says in the title this is just an introduction to my idea, I have not come to complain about the potato survivors.

The idea that I want to explain and convey is that the system of emblems and pips is based on the competitiveness between the killer and the survivors but it does not work, the concept is good but the reality is different.

I alone, I had to perform 4 generators to escape the game, I saved a survivor, I was chased, I just hung up once and escaped with ... and I opened a door and escaped. All while the others were not even being hanged or persecuted, they simply did not do anything because they did not want to.

Forgive me for telling you my life, I just wanted to give you a context on which to base my idea.

After that I thought, "why a single pip?" Yes, I got a pip and for the minimum.

That's what all this is about, why not do the competition among the survivors ?, I know it may sound difficult but if the survivors were "stealing" resources and points to get pips, and of course, if everyone does well they could all opt for the two pips.

In this case, the killer would simply make it difficult for the survivors to achieve the requirements and objectives for the pips, while the survivors would make it difficult for the murderer to get their points and in turn the survivors would be forced to compete with each other and try their best.

In this way there would be more focused games and better measure the effort made by each individual and at the same time compared to others, the part of the comparison is also important because if a survivor has a bad game or gets tunneling, the others will not be So severely punished if the game is put against them.

This would create a more constant line for the skill of the players in the game itself and would be fairer for all.

I hope your comments on what you think and if you would like to see such a change, and clarify that there are problems with the genrush and a lot of balance to be done, but this post is not about that, so stay on topic.


  • slingshotsurvivorslingshotsurvivor Member Posts: 943

    They did make some changes but pipping for survivors is still pretty difficult. On the other hand more survivors come to help which is a nice change 😉

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