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Can the game actually be balanced?

23flash23flash Member Posts: 74

The overwhelming advantage that the killers have over survivors not only with speed differences, no recovery time when falling out of a building, larger hitbox than your character, multiple aura reading perks and add ons that can only be countered by 2 perks, 1 of them which you just lose the tokens in a rapid succession anyway depending on the killers aura reading., the amount of 1 hit down opportunities due to add ons and perks, the fact that every killers red add on is extremely useful but the survivors 3 total red add ons 1 installs 25% on a gen but only if you hit 2 hard skill checks, the other for a flashlight that maybe adds 2 more seconds to being blinded which the killer can rock something to negate that, and the last being a 1 time only insta heal and now your medkit is gone, granted thats probably the most useful but you only get 1. The amount of absolute nonsense when it comes to this is completely broken and unbalanced af. Killers also can camp someone for a full hook life, and still get more points the the survivors, and still kill a minimum of 2 people. Killer's also shouldnt be able to rock mutiple aura reading perks or add ons. There's plenty more but you get the gist. Please provide feedback...am i maybe bitching too much? is there a medium? etc.



  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 13,578

    You're made weaker cause there's 4 of you.

    I suggest watching some popular kids play Survivor at high ranks with their buddies.

  • 23flash23flash Member Posts: 74

    So add ons that allow the killer to see you within 12 meters while they are in stealth, or an add on for mike myers that lets him see you from basically bbq and chili range all game no matter what. distortion only works 3 times and if its an infinite reading aura add on that disappears instantly basically, and then the laurie perk is situation af aka being the last survivor and not everyone has laurie.

  • 23flash23flash Member Posts: 74

    I understand that. That's not my complaint that they shouldn't have an advantage to some extent. But the advantage is too large. And if the killer chooses, they can kill 1 person for sure every single game and there's not a damn thing you can do about it lol. And they can still get just as many points as the top person doing that. There's more

  • 23flash23flash Member Posts: 74

    No you misunderstand. Im saying the killers are able to ghost hit you. Like they can completely miss you with their swing, but you get hit. Cause it makes it like an invisible hitbox for them. Like ours is larger than im sure was intended

  • OakLestatOakLestat Member Posts: 125

    This is such a strange statement knowing that there are plenty of stats out there that have the survival rate right around 50% overall. That is pretty darn balanced.

  • SmokePotionSmokePotion Member Posts: 1,089

    according to the stats, the game is balanced.

    Most killers sit around a 50% kill rate, which is what they are shooting for. even if this wasn't broken down by rank.

  • benzosbenzos Member Posts: 178

    this game will never be balanced. 1v1 fighter games cant even balance all characters and this asymetrical 4v1 game makes it much harder... plus rng, plus maps, plus addons, plus perks, etc. you need to accept that there will never be guaranteed win here and you will lose even if you think you play 100%. if you can't accept that then this game is not for you.

  • Dwight_ConfusionDwight_Confusion Member Posts: 1,650

    It can be balanced but a 4v1 game never is truly balanced in the sense we mean I think.

    The one should be powerful, and the 4 should be weaker. Which they are.... but 3 or 4 people on mics... talking and coordinating crushed even the very best killers.

    I'm a strong killer. They need to let us know SWF icons AFTER a match at least so killers will know if they were up against swf or solos. Just a small icon if they were SWF, or have their results box highlighting in yellow or something if they were?

    Why not? It would at least show killers what is going on. From the stats SWF doesn't make "that" much of a difference it seems, but I don't know.

    The power role needs power. The Legion's cooldown add ons shouldn't have been touched.

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 9,701
    edited May 2019

    Please inform me how I am a "killer main"? I have played both sides at rank 1 on every reset since the game came out and with probably more play hours than you and all of your friends have combined. You're simply a new player that hasn't played the game long enough to understand how it works. If you actually had some experience you wouldn't think all of these incorrect things that you do.

    Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't make them a killer main. It might just mean you are wrong.

  • Chewy102Chewy102 Member Posts: 542

    That kill rate is freaking worthless thanks to it being a total value.

    It says that PC Killers at their worst (Legion) have a 50% kill rate and at their best (Hag) has 66%. Overall that doesn't seem that bad but ti just doesn't fit their other data such as Survivor survival rates by rank. Ignoring rank 20 and 1 due to the current pipping system messing with that data too much and you have a 40%-60% split from rank 19 to rank 2.

    That means Killers have a kill rate of 60 at its highest for low ranks and a 40% in high ranks. 40% kill rate is console Nurse levels of bad according to their Killer kill stats. Console Nurse is ######### painful to play with how hard it is to do anything. Poor FPS and analog control makes for near impossible blinks due to having no fine control and a Nurse without good blinks just can't do anything. And yet high rank PC kill rates equal to the WORST console total kill rates! Look at Killer use sorted by rank. High ranks (1-4) is dominated by Nurse thanks to Nurse being god tier but high rank kill rates is at their worst and Nurse isn't even LISTED in the PC Killer kill rate. The best Killer on PC, the most used ranking Killer on PC, isn't even listed in PC kill rates.

    It just doesn't add up at all. One stat is countering another all thanks to one being sorted by ranks and the other not. There isn't enough data for us to work with to get any real conclusions, but what is given more or less confirms that Killers as a whole are underpowered when skill becomes a factor.

    Survivors survive more often as they get more skill/rank, that means Killers kill less as skill/rank goes up. It makes a VERY poor game balance as one side has room to get better through skill while the other does not. Looking at perk use supports this as well.

    Killer perk data is filled with perks that slow/stall the game or makes killing faster. Ruin and Sloppy Butcher both stall for time, BBQ and Nurse's both reduce downtime. All of them are focused either stalling for time or cutting time out. Meanwhile Survivor top perks are filled with NOTHING that helps them do things faster, just 2nd chances.

    That reads to me that Killers are desperate to get their objective done and can't do it on their own. While Survivors don't have to worry about much and can purely focus on themselves instead of the team.

  • EndorbEndorb Member Posts: 151

    It took me like 100 hours each to actually feel like I *got it* with killers and survivors. And in my experience, the game is balanced more towards survivors right now, intentionally or not; Pallet looping, generator rushes, Survive With Friends information sharing... It's a lot.

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 6,807

    @23flash if every Killer camped their first kill to death then survivors would have a 75% escape rate at higher ranks.

    Minimum escape time (given a survivor being occupied) = 144.44 seconds

    Campers TTK = 120 seconds

    Time the Killer has to get a second down = 24.44 seconds

    Hooking a survivor from healthy takes about 10 seconds of just animation time (from hitting and then picking them up and then hooking them)

    So if a Survivor can get a 14.44 second chase after the Survivors get on a gen then it will be mathematically impossible for the Killer to get a second Kill against even somewhat optimal survivors. That or just hit 3 great skill checks if the Killer doesn't have ruin. (since each one is a bit over 6 seconds of time save)

  • NMCKENMCKE Member Posts: 8,050

    While that is true, some killers are forced to run certain add ons and perks to reach that 50% threshold.

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 9,701

    While I disagree with OP, those statistics cannot be used for any kind of real conclusion. There are a multitude of factors that are scewing those stats that were not accounted for, making them near worthless.

  • Absolute_ZeroAbsolute_Zero Member Posts: 41

    That is a pretty accurate comment.

    And the devs have once stated that DC's are treated as kills.

    So do the 3v1 games where the Survivors lose a whole teammate.

    Take this into account (especially when DC's are as rampant as now), Killers are pretty hard underpowered.

  • AlexAnarchyAlexAnarchy Member Posts: 685
    edited May 2019

    Stopped reading immediately at "The Overwhelming advantage that the killers have over survivors"

    Pathetic bad bait thread...

  • AlexAnarchyAlexAnarchy Member Posts: 685

    so myers and wraith only? somehow makes it impossible to dodge all aura reading perks is what your arguing?...cuz they have addons for stealth sight? and you don't see every wraith or myers using them every game? wow...what a bad starwman argument...

  • AlexAnarchyAlexAnarchy Member Posts: 685

    Bwahahahahahaha....Killer the by far stronger role? What drugs are you taking when you posted this?

  • AlexAnarchyAlexAnarchy Member Posts: 685

    Omg...amazing trolling bud...amazing...Grade A quality trolling..

  • moonlunnmoonlunn Member Posts: 170

    It probably is impossible to make the game fair And balanced to everyone but Honestly if hit boxes were fixed it would feel way more balanced for survivors and if there was a way besides ruin to slow the game Down it would feel better for killers

  • George_SorosGeorge_Soros Member Posts: 2,270

    "overwhelming advantage"... I'm laughing here hysterically...

    Play the game more. You'll see.

  • RaizinzRaizinz Member Posts: 43

    I guess "Asymmetrical survival horror game" kinda flew over your head, asymmetrical meaning an imbalance of power. Irony is, you'll see that it's not as lopsided as we'd like it to be

  • SlinkyJinkySlinkyJinky Member Posts: 371

    Because it's 4v1 the Killer will always need to be 4 times more powerful than each individual Survivor.

    Your never going to get a 'feeling' of balance around that.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 21,675
    edited May 2019

    It is extremely difficult to balance an asymmetrical game due to the asymmetrical nature of the game. The main problem is that the numbers role never feel like the game is fair to them, if it's balanced.

    In a properly balanced asymmetrical game, the power role should absolutely demolish in a 1v1. This often feels unfair to whoever gets to be the unlucky bastard - they have next to no chance to survive and they know it. However, this is how asymmetrical games should work, in theory.

    In practice, the power role is usually designed to be barely stronger than any individual member of the numbers role, with several built-in handicaps, so the numbers role feel like they have a "fair chance". This naturally leads to frustrations when playing the power role and is how asymmetrical games die. People forget that in a 4v1, every 1 that quits is another 4 who don't get to play the game.

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