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We have deployed a fix for an issue that was causing players to lose pips when a match was cancelled.
No update is required, but this may take a few hours to be applied across our servers to all players. Thank you for your patience!

Swf is an imbalance to ranks

DemonDaddyDemonDaddy Member Posts: 1,881

First of Im not saying Swf should be removed from the game. Its a key aspect of desirable team play, even as a strictly solo player I can see that. I would suggest that it needs to be its own mode of play separated from the rank system or a change in how it effects ranking. Due to current matchmaking it is far to easy for rank pairing to be manipulated and exploited. A person that has proven themselves good enough to pip in red ranks doesn't need to be matched with a yellow/green killer by way of teammates. Not only will they most likely out play the killer but can easily maintain and continue to pip outside of an actual challenge. While it can be said the killers need to "get gud", this is no different if not worse than killers that De-rank. At the very least the killer is not able maintain the low rank pairing without sacrificing progress by loss/dc or even extremely long lobby times, but the survivor suffers none of those by only having friends within the desired rank. Again I don't want Swf deleted but changes to how it plays into rank progression should be made to reflect an imbalance of skill.

Do the Dev's have any concern with this or plans to augment in the future?

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