My Cosmetics Works

VenzhasVenzhas Member Posts: 100

Hi, since I have fun to use Photoshop Elements, i made few cosmetics - that will be awesome in game in my opinion lol - and so, I choosed to show them to the community. Some are recolors, or work with photosh' tools to make them looks a little bit different, and some are totally differents outfits from internet incrustated with the model. I am not pretending im the best to this, far away from it, but do not hesitate to suggest some ideas for any character you would like to see. Enjoy !

#1 - Post-Apocalypse Jake

#2 Kate's Wedding Day

#3 Redneck Ace

#4 Nea's Hella outfit ;)

#5 - Bonus one ! Legion Sexy Dirty Gladiator


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