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Just Remove Adrenaline and NOED

Remove Adrenaline and NOED from the game.

Is the game healthier now?


  • TheluckyboiTheluckyboi Member Posts: 1,113

    Cleanse the totems and dont be a [BAD WORD] with the survivors, those are my counters for those perks

  • SlinkyJinkySlinkyJinky Member Posts: 371

    Got my vote +1

  • tehshadowman33tehshadowman33 Member Posts: 939

    In return, Meg gets a different perk.

  • artistartist Member Posts: 1,490

    like these 2 are even comparable lol

  • ClogWenchClogWench Member Posts: 2,583

    NOED is easy to get around. Adrenaline procs once. Neither is broken

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