Aspect ratio support

andrulonisandrulonis Member Posts: 3

I am writing this cause I am actually pretty annoyed after writing about 3 support tickets and not getting any help whatsover. Only thing was about waiting until "maybe we add this in future". It all revolves around my 21:9 monitor. If you don't know, in DBD the horizontal is fixed so that the game stretches to the sides, resulting in cropping like 20% of top and bottom of your view in game. I know its connected with "fairness" that ultrawide monitors shouldnt see more than typical 16:9 users, but really? Because of that I am supposed to see less? I am even fine with a windowed mode or a fullscreen with black bars on sides to make it 16:9 ratio but as for now, there is literally nothing you can do both in game settings (which are kind of a joke tbh, resolution in percentage?...) or in ini files as you either can get banned or the game still changes afterwards the resolution as it scales. Can we actually get anything in this direction or I am supposed to play like handicapped?

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