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EGC is trash

FloraFuryFloraFury Member Posts: 16
edited May 8 in General Discussions

So we recieved a new update for Dead By Daylight, which itroduced the new mechanic called End Game Colapse. It made survivors game really hard at the end of the game, but killers are really overpowered when they would use No one escapes death (Noed) or Blood Warden. The worst thing is that I've played a few games and I noticed that killers are using both perks at the same time. On rank 20 - 9 you basically will see killers camping with Noed, I did. Camping with noed is not fair and it totally ruins the game for all survivors. When ever I see a person camping, I report but it won't make the game better, also there's still the hitboxes to change (they're the size of russia basically). Tell me your opinions in the comments, what do you think about the end game colapse and do you like the new uptade (I don't)



  • mintchapstickmintchapstick Member Posts: 339

    Saves from hatch standoffs & gives the killer points for opening the door & closing the hatch. I kind of like it from a killer POV. I haven't played survivor yet, but I always hated having to search for the hatch as a survivor, to the point where I usually just gave up and stood under a hook, so.

    & Camping with NOED has always been a thing.

  • Scal3rScal3r Member Posts: 29

    Just find the totem and save them. Run borrowed time if you have a problem with camping. It is not that hard you can play around those things just prepare for it. Break totems if you do not like Noed. You can play around it.

  • moonlunnmoonlunn Member Posts: 122

    Yeah if your the only one left And it’s like a billy or spirit or nurse and they closed the hatch it’s like impossible to leave

  • BossBoss Member Posts: 4,280

    Love it.

  • I_am_NeganI_am_Negan Member Posts: 712

    No killer will let me see it. They hook me before the time runs out

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