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Punishment for Disconnections

Before you say anything, yes there are times where it's not the player's fault, but this [BAD WORD] happens intentionally FAR more often. If you find yourself losing connection often, either break BHVR's balls about their [BAD WORD] netcode, OR if it's on YOUR end, that's YOUR problem, and YOU need to fix it.

We really, REALLY need something done about this bullshit, it's time to put an end to this. @Peanits if you guys notice connection problems, you could implement a way to disable DC punishments until the problems on your end are solved, and then reimplement them (assuming this is possible/cost effective, I'm not a coder).

1ST Method:

First DC = 1st perk slot locked until 5 games are completed. If player DCs again within those 5 games, 2nd perk slot locked, and game counter returns to 5, if they keep DCing they should eventually have all 4 perk slots locked, then their item/addon slots, then their offering slots. When a player who DCed completes 5 games, 1 slot becomes unlocked.

People who DC regularly need to be taught humility and respect for their fellow players. Almost no one likes playing without perks/items, and I think the majority of your playerbase would agree that if we had to choose, we'd rather these people stopped playing completely rather than having to put up with them. So if they don't like it and want to quit, LET EM, your game will be healthier without them.

2ND Method:

I assume you can track the percentage of games players disconnect from, so once they hit a certain thresh hold (lets say 30%) those players get pushed into a separate queue with all the other DC junkies until their DC% goes down to, say, 10%, then they can play with everyone else again.

League of Legends already does this, and while I don't play that game I assume if they have been using it for so long, it must be effective. DC junkies DESERVE each other, and they will be forced to change their ways if they want to play with the rest of us.



  • ChriskoChrisko Member Posts: 145

    How do other group games handle DCs? I would love to hear from people on how this has been addressed in other games. I agree there needs to be something done.

    The current solution is not effective and only addresses serial offenders after a long history of DCing. It's laughable.

  • PolarBearPolarBear Member Posts: 1,899
    edited May 2019

    I think dev said they wanted a system in place that didn't make your character dc from the game if you got dcd, instead if you withing a certain time period connect back to the game you can continue.

    Of course this only applies to accidental disconnects like crashing and such.

  • Latin_Kidd92Latin_Kidd92 Member Posts: 220

    They have said already they need to wait for dedicated servers

  • smappdoodasmappdooda Member Posts: 284

    I wonder if it's a "salt mine" type thing. Put people who DC all together in the same servers and let them DC circle jerk themselves like a Ouroboros.

  • ghostkiller666ghostkiller666 Member Posts: 85

    A changing for right now i would say to give bloodpoints to the other survivors aswell, not just the killers... and the bloodpoints should be proportional to the number of gens and the time playied, like: 5 gens left, <1 minute playied, 1 survivor quits: Survivors = 1800 bp, killers = 1800 bp ; 3-2 gens left > 5 min. playied, 1 survivor quits: Survivors = 600 bp; Killers = 800, because the probability to open the gate if a survivor quit in the first minutes are really bad, like ... all i see is killers really mad with survivor's quit.. but what about the survivor's team? that quit really breaks it, like 3suv x 1killer with 5x gen is really hard (like i said).

    The punishment is getting 0 bloopoints if u quit. I don't agree with punish people who leaves a match, since that cannot be blocked.. i mean for exemple: I'm playing as i always do, but i have to really get over quickly to a personal thing, the game will take too long to end, i will get (eventually) banned just because i had to? So, why is the exit button there? You see... If i want to leave i just press Esc or whatever and leave the match, but i could just try to call the attention to myself and let the killer sacrife me, but that would take some time, not as quicker as exiting the match, but anyway if i do that my rank will be affect, but if i just quit my rank will be untouch... If you make players low their rank by rage quitting, lots of them would keep doing it to play with low exp players...

    What could be done is: The player is unable to leave the match (unless turn off the machine ofc) if he is in dying state for less than 60 seconds.

  • ProxiProxi Member Posts: 59

    Just add a timer which prevents people to queue again like in league of legends.

    1st DC = 5 min block

    2nd DC within 6 hours = 10 min block

    3rd DC " " = 30 min block

    and so on...

    Counter to:

    • those people dcing after they get caught first, just because it was a bad start and insta queue again
    • toxic swf dc (teammates will have to wait)
    • survivors that are getting farmed (insta downed after unhook)
    • dc followups after they see a teammate dc
    • actually game crashes or bad connection (it still ruins the game for the remaining survivors / your hardware -> your fault)

    EZ FIX.. ty

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